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Parents Start 'Common Sense Camp' To Teach Their Kids Life Skills In Quarantine

It's obvious that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken so much from people. Some lost their lives, others lost loved ones, and others still have lost their jobs as a result of measures required to prevent the virus from spreading quicker than it already has.

But one thing that it has given many people in this world is time. And when normally busy people suddenly find themselves with more time than they know how to use, their minds can start getting creative.

And for those who have always thought about doing something, this period where they've had to stay home has proved an unexpected opportunity to get it off the ground.

And that has certainly seemed to be the case for one parenting coach.

Before she started teaching others how to navigate the pitfalls of parenting, Oona Hanson of Los Angeles was a high school English teacher.

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As she told CNN, she and her husband came up with a whole new curriculum for her son and daughter after quarantining had started to get to them.

And it was all based on a running joke they'd had for about a decade.

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Whenever they discovered that their kids didn't know a fairly basic life skill, Hanson would always say they needed a common sense camp.

Instagram | @oona_hanson

But since they were getting bored anyway, it seemed that she had the opportunity to make that joke a reality.

As she said, "We're laying the tracks down in front of a moving train. We realized there were all these things we would just do ourselves because it seemed more advanced or we just wanted it done and it's been nice to slow down and teach our kids all these new skills."

And she said she can already see the pride on her kids' faces as they learn each new skill.

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Part of this "camp" involves teaching practical skills like reading a map, using a banking app to budget, or administering CPR and first aid.

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As CNN reported, the past week saw the Hanson children take a lesson in "kitchen confidence," which included reading recipes and using different types of knives.

By the end of the week, they were able to cook dinner without any help from their parents and judging by Hanson's Instagram post, they even made dessert.

As 12-year-old Harris Hanson said, "The best part of Common Sense Camp so far has been making fresh pasta from scratch because it was so fun."

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But Common Sense Camp didn't just boil down to the nuts and bolts. It also taught interpersonal skills.

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Some of these lessons concerned being a good friend and part of the community, but also concerned social justice.

As CNN reported, the first week of Common Sense Camp happened to coincide with Juneteenth, so Hanson's first lessons were all about lessons to becoming a better anti-racism ally and activist. This unit included lessons in Black history, as well as everyday cultural issues such as microaggressions.

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This week, however, is all about DIY.

Instagram | @oona_hanson

In an Instagram post released on the day of this writing, the Hansons introduced their kids to some basic tools using some old boards they could experiment with.

This week will also see them making home repairs and could lead them to hang a frame on the wall, paint that wall, or assemble a piece of furniture.

Future lessons will apparently involve laundry and cleaning, emergency preparedness, personal finance, social skills, and navigating Los Angeles.

h/t: CNN

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