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AJ McClean Of Backstreet Boys Revealed There's A Fart In One Song

Sarah Kester 30 Jun 2020

This is not a drill: there's a fart in one of the Backstreet Boys' songs and we've been dancing and singing along to it for 20 years.

Just let that sink in.

This was recently revealed on the band's TikTok account (although, it was first announced in 2017) and life will never be the same. Just call 'em the Backstreet Fart Boys.

#FartGate has always been prevalent in Hollywood.


While we're all human and it's perfectly normal to let 'er rip from time to time, it's especially awkward when this happens to celebrities... on TV.

Cue the cringe.

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This may or may not have been the case with Julianne Hough.

Giphy | Dancing with the Stars

While serving as one of the judges on last season of America's Got Talent, the dancer may have gotten a little too, well, comfortable on set...

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Check out the evidence for yourself:

“You are so weird, and I love weird,” Julianne told the contestant Marina after her performance.

But all a sudden, there was a loud sound that sounded an awful lot like a fart. Even Howie noticed it!

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You can see Howie laughing and gesturing to his fellow judges.

Giphy | America's Got Talent

But since Hough called Simon a "stinker," some fans wondered if it was actually Simon who tooted.

Regardless of who the guilty party is, all we know is that the moment was hilarious and will live on in history!

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Another celeb who's been accused of farting on TV is Wendy Williams.

This allegedly happened during the Hot Topics segment of her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show.

The sound is pretty unmistakeable at the three-second mark...

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Of course, viewers had a field day with this:

But Wendy wouldn't stand for being accused of passing gas on TV, so she her vehemently denied the accusation, saying:

“I have never farted once on this show,” Williams said.

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She even went on to say that she barely farts:

Instagram | @wendyshow

"As a matter of fact, I barely fart, you know why? Because gas gets released several different ways and mine is belching, because all I do is talk.”


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While a lot of people will deny passing gas, there are some who openly admit it. This includes the Backstreet Boys!


Recently, AJ McClean revealed in a TikTok video that there's a fart in one of their songs.

Yes, really.

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The singer started the hilarious story by sharing that he and the fellow Backstreet Boys were all in the studio.

TikTok | @backstreetboys

They were recording their parts for the song, 'The Call.'

"Howie was singing his harmony 'ha ha ha, ha ha ha' and 'blurrrrp.'"

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"Howie literally broke wind. Right in key. Right on the beat."

TikTok | @backstreetboys

Talk about talent!

"And Max Martin thought it was the funniest thing he ever heard and decided it was too good to press delete."

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"He literally put it in the song, the final mix you have all heard for the last 20 years. It's mixed in musically as either a bass sound or synth sound."

"Howie's gas is a piece of musical genius."

A bold statement, that is for sure.

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Someone get his butt a record deal, stat!


In case you need further proof that this is a real thing, Howie shared his side of the story in 2017 to Billboard.

"I’m sure there were a lot of beverages consumed back in the day," he began.

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He continued:

Instagram | @backstreetboys

"It’s one of those kind of things... Everybody at that age — especially Nick [Carter] — was constantly passing gas, just being young 20-year-old guys doing guy locker room kind of stuff."

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"And coincidentally, I got in the booth, was breathing in really heavily singing my part, and I guess some extra air kind of came out."

Giphy | Workaholics

"It made everybody laugh, and Max decided to take that and sample it to turn it into the 'dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun.'"

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Forget the first man on the moon or record-breaking healthcare advancements.

Thanks to Howie, we have our first fart in a song. And that, folks, is how history is made.

Want to check out the iconic fart yourself? Listen at 2:13!

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