15+ Tiny Details We Never Noticed Until Someone Pointed Them Out

We can't be expected to notice every little thing on our own. Maybe we're busy, or have bad eyes, or whatever else. There's nothing wrong with needing someone else to show us some of life's coolest little features.

Though they may be small, the items on this list are still neat, and worth someone else pointing out!

1. "This paw has a paw mark."

Reddit | uwuuwu

I don't know how to tell you this, but there's the ghost of a very tiny cat inside your currently big cat. It's friendly, but I just thought you should know.

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2. "A car with a ridiculously small spoiler."

Reddit | bibowski

He just has some very tiny races to win. I'm talking a few feet at most, the spoiler helps with quick acceleration.

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3. "I found a tiny house inside of a tree stump."

Reddit | euphoric_barley

For such a small house, they get some huge mail. Probably new rocks to decorate their front yard with.

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4. "This airport has a patch of grass for dogs to use the restroom on."

Reddit | JakeTheSnake134

I love the addition of the fire hydrant, giving them some familiar scenery to feel more at home.

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5. "Taiwanese man has tiny pants for pockets."

Reddit | frizface

This is just smarter. Instead of two back pockets, you have four now! Sure they're tinier and can't hold anything bigger than a quarter, but...more!

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6. "Today on the river, I found a small piece of quartz with a tiny piece of gold in it."

Reddit | Caravan-Gaming

You might not be rich off it, but you still found gold! That makes you a certified prospector!

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7. "In Denmark, some of our light signals are Vikings."

Reddit | Ulle82

Seeing a little Viking would definitely motivate me more on my daily commute than a little man. I walk across this street with power! And with an axe.

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8. "Bakery has a large cement loaf of bread as a door stopper."


So...did they have someone make this or did they just fully dip a loaf of bread in cement?

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9. "The drone I bought came with a card telling me not to use it around Thor."

Reddit | T-REXX3000

It also warns against your whole family reaching out for it at once, not even with your foot. These warnings sure are extensive.

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10. "A rock I found on the beach has a tiny starfish fossil in it."

Reddit | plwplw

One of my bucket list items is to find a fossil, just a minor one, one day. But seeing as I never go out and hate getting dirty, I don't think it'll happen for me.

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11. "Someone put four skeletons at a table in an Arizona lake for divers to stumble across."

Reddit | Desert_Dweller_602

Less of a small detail, but someone else still had to find it! Sure it probably terrified the divers at the time, but at least it looks cool.

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12. "The light/heat from streetlamp appears to be keeping a small section of this tree from going into winter dormancy."

Reddit | greyjay

So this whole time they didn't need sun? Any light could do? Then why do I keep rearranging my apartment to keep my plants by the window?

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13. "I opened a beer yesterday to find the bubbles all neatly lined up."

Reddit | TheBlackBeacon

Is it just me, or do those bubbles look exceptionally soft? I could rest my head upon those bubbles.

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14. "This radio tracking device cut from a caught salmon."

Reddit | Johnbob-John

I guess they won't be tracking too much movement out of this fish. Unless you like, chuck it into the middle of a field, or mail it somewhere.

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15. "My dustpan brush is a violin."

Reddit | ThrowAwayBecause4

As pretty as this is, it won't make me any more motivated to clean. Actually, this would make me less motivated. I wouldn't want to...damage it by accident...yeah.

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16. "This monkey at the top of a water tank."

Reddit | LightsaberBatman

Hey, he's just hanging out. How would you like it if strangers kept taking pictures of you while you were just sitting?

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17. "This picnic table has a built in seat for infants and a small bench for kids."

Reddit | kittenmittens3000

Ah yes, the best thing to seat your young child in, harsh unbending metal that probably reaches a billion degrees in the summer.

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18. "Active sweat glands on fingertip."

Reddit | [deleted]

Realistically, did I know my fingertips sweat? Yes. Did I need to be reminded by a photo showing me all the tiny holes in my skin? Not really.

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19. "My local canal has a little staircase for the ducks to get in and out of the water."

Reddit | Dom_wpc

I'm always amazed by animal accessibility features. Frog ramps for swimming pools, those bridges over highways for deer, or holes in medians so animals can cross the road. I love them all!

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20. "You can tell which eye my glasses correct by the shadow."

Reddit | stanley_ray

As someone in the comments pointed out, this person would fit a monocle perfectly. Bring monocles back, it's time we class up fashion again.

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