14+ Fun Facts That Opened Our Eyes

Dan 30 Jun 2020

Fun facts won't make you dinner. Fun facts won't pay the bills. Fun facts really aren't likely to improve your life in any serious way.

But you know what? Maybe I'm overthinking this. At the end of the day, learning something new and interesting provides an endorphin rush. It gives you some random knowledge to impress your friends with. And really, that's all that matters.

1. When the beach becomes glass.

Reddit | Criptufu

Most people know that sand is made from super-heated glass, and also that lightning is very hot. It stands to reason that lightning can turn sand into glass, but it's rare to see this phenomenon firsthand.

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2. Baby elephants have drinking problems.

Reddit | FizzyDrink113, not that kind of drinking problem. As it turns out, baby elephants don't know how to use their trunks until they're a little older, so they have to drink like this for the first few months.

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3. You wouldn't want to face Freddie Mercury at Scrabble.

Reddit | bldonk

This pic shows the band Queen indulging in one of their favorite hobbies: playing ultra-competitive games of Scrabble while on tour. Lead guitarist Brian May got the biggest-ever single score with 168 points for the word 'lacquers.'

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4. These aren't mini watermelons.

Reddit | HeavenlyGardening101

This is a bowl of cucamelons, a type of fruit that looks like watermelon but tastes like cucumber. Despite the fact that it seems like a hybrid, it isn't. The cucamelon is its own fruit, unrelated to either of its namesakes.

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5. You used to be able to drive up on the beach.

Reddit | Pluuuuuuuuuy

It would be unthinkable to park directly on Daytona Beach in the 21st century, but this was a common sight for much of the 20th century. This 1957 pic shows a typical scene. Hopefully those drivers are aware of the tide.

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6. The queen was a mechanic.

Wikimedia Commons

During the Second World War, everyone pitched in — including the future queen of England, then known as Princess Elizabeth. She drove trucks and acted as a mechanic during World War II.

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7. Crayola's really branched out.

Reddit | ClandesTyne

This chart shows the explosion of colors of Crayola crayons over the past century-plus. Back in 1903, there were only eight basic colors. But over the decades, the original eight became dozens.

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8. Not a bad age.

Reddit | JayWasHereX

You're looking at Lucy, the oldest cat who's ever lived. She died at the ripe old age of 39. If she were a human, this would have made her about 172 years old.

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9. These walls actually make sense.

Reddit | smell1s

What looks like a fun architectural flourish is actually functional and thrifty. When brick walls are constructed like this, only one layer of bricks is needed, which uses fewer bricks overall.

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10. These paths weren't planned.

Reddit | Sir_average

The Ohio State University took a unique approach to making paths. Rather than arbitrarily laying them out, they simply waited for students to forge their own routes. Once the routes were known, they were paved over.

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11. BFF's.

Reddit | Zusical

Cross-species cooperation is hardly unheard of, but it's pretty rare to see something like this. A wolf and a black bear, both apex predators, were observed hanging out and sharing food over a ten-day period.

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12. Some flags are seriously big.

Reddit | Maahee_2

Most flags are, y'know, flag-sized. But when you really want to make a statement, you need to go big. This is the actual flag flown on a Spanish ship during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

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13. The Pyramids used to be dazzling.

Reddit | Subieking0418

Egyptian pyramids are a sight to behold, thousands of years after they were first built. But when they were new, they were covered in white limestone and topped with a piece made of solid gold.

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14. Next stop: Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch.

Reddit | cazolipop

This train ticket spells out, with no abbreviations, the longest location name in the United Kingdom. This village, located in Wales, is known as Llanfairpwllgwyngyll for short. Either way, I'll never know how to pronounce it.

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15. Marie Curie is still radioactive.

Reddit | -Schroeder-

Scientist Marie Curie is known for winning the Nobel Prize, and also for tragically dying of radiation poisoning. Since her remains were and will remain radioactive, they're encased in a thick tomb lined with lead.

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16. Grown in the bottle.

Reddit | soupermario88

It's a cool effect to see a full-sized fruit in a bottle whose neck couldn't possibly accommodate it. The process is accomplished by simply growing the fruit inside the bottle.

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17. The hunt for Hitler didn't end in 1945.

Reddit | future_beach_bum

Conspiracy theories about the possibility of Hitler surviving World War II and hiding out somewhere abound to this day. U.S. intelligence services created these images showing how he might disguise himself.

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18. This fish has seen a few things.

Reddit | Tokyono

This koi fish, known as Hanako, died in 1966 at the incredible age of 226 years old. That means she was alive two decades before the American Revolution, and almost lived to see the bicentennial.

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19. Scars do weird things to skin.

Reddit | Pomoek

This doesn't necessarily happen with shallow scars, but deep scars inhibit the regeneration of sweat glands. This means that the surface of the scar won't sweat, and therefore won't attract dirt and grime.

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20. One of these isn't human.

Reddit | ilikemilk9

Koalas are not closely related to humans at all, but they have some unnervingly human-looking fingerprints. The zoomed-in view shows just how similar they are.

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