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Princess Eugenie Shares Photo of Her Back Scar For Scoliosis Awareness Day

Taylor Sakellis 30 Jun 2020

Princess Eugenie is doing an amazing job at bringing awareness to her scoliosis scar for International Scoliosis Awareness Day!

If you're like me and didn't realize that Eugenie gets to run her own Instagram account, you too will be excited to find this news out! How cool is that?!

Princess Eugenie is, of course, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson.

Eugenie has used her platform as a royal to raise awareness and share support for those who have suffered from scoliosis, just as she has.

Last week, Eugenie shared a beautiful photo of her scare to her over 1 million Instagram followers!

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"Today is International Scoliosis Awareness Day. I just wanted to share my scar and encourage anyone out there who's gone through something similar to share theirs with me," Eugenie wrote on Insta.

"Let's be proud of our scars! I'd love to repost any of your images on my stories so please tag me and I will share."

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Thousands of fans were supportive and thankful for Eugenie's message of embracing your scars!

Instagram | @princesseugenie

"How brilliant to have someone like you sharing their experience with Scoliosis. There's always strength in knowing you're not alone," wrote one fan.

"Glad your sharing. I had my scoliosis surgery almost eleven years ago. I'm proud of my scar, it tells a story," wrote another.

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