16+ Weird Pics That Are A Whole Mood

We don't always have to know what's going on in a picture to find it oddly relatable.

For instance, it's pretty easy to see a guy dressed as Mario sitting on the curb with his giant cartoon head off and his face buried in his hands and think, "same, bro."

For some reason, however, it's often the case that when we show our friends a photo like this that speaks to us and try to explain why, we get only confused looks in response.

Well it's clear that they're simply not as worldly and well-traveled as we are because all of these pics hit that sweet spot in their own little ways.

1. I can't remember the last time I wore socks with sandals, but I can definitely appreciate how this man made of Lego has a hole in one of them.

Reddit | sysmimas

Not only that, but it's even easier to appreciate why he's tired.

I don't know, maybe this statue at Legoland in Germany speaks to me because I sat near an identical one on my last night in Disney World as a kid. It was a fun night, but a bittersweet one because I knew my fun there was about to end.

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2. Yeah, don't underestimate how much a cat will insist on sitting wherever they can fit themselves.

Reddit | technowar

And even though it's obviously not good for the plants, I can't deny that it does look pretty comfortable to sit on.

That is, when you're the size of a cat.

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3. Have you ever seen a sign that seems like it works best when it's talking to itself?

Reddit | wombasrevenge

I'll just go right ahead and say that I have no idea what this man is supposed to be doing, but that sign and I can agree on wanting him to stop.

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4. I apologize because I'm sure that nobody wanted to look at this today, but I think it illustrates a mood pretty powerfully.

Reddit | Grizzly-S0001

Based on what I've heard, this seems to be what visiting the dentist feels like for a lot of people.

I can't really say that's true in my case, but maybe that's because my dentist doesn't decorate his office with creepy crap like this.

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5. I feels weird to be both terrified by someone's actions, yet understanding of why they took them.

Reddit | vallertrix

I can totally get that this guy wanted a nice cozy sit by the fire, but my brain obviously has more safety features that scream, "No, don't light your balcony on fire" than his does.

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6. OK, so I haven't exactly painted my face green and hid in a Christmas tree, but I can kind of feel the energy behind it.

Reddit | stuart2202

One might think this is some kind of prank, but they look way too serious about this for that to be true. I think just want to be the tree, man.

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7. I don't know why, but there's something very satisfying to me about the fact that he's wearing a full-sized clock on his wrist like this.

Reddit | Riccardp08

Maybe I just like the idea of being able to get the time from this guy without having to ask for it.

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8. For most of these, there's some kind of barely describable vibe that makes the picture jump out at me.

Reddit | InventedNoob70

But in this case, the reason this appeals to me is a lot more simple. I just really want this duck boat.

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9. Not only is this a precious resource in itself, but it also describes my realtionship with money fairly well.

Reddit | jack-natas

When I'm waiting in line and checking how much I have, I'm thinking about it purely in terms of how many chicken nuggets I can get with it.

I'm seeing at least eight here, so I'd probably feel pretty OK about my funds in that moment.

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10. This is one of those instances where I'd feel like the world's biggest idiot until I saw exactly what I did here.

Reddit | theamazingjopo

After all, this person had to make an absolutely big mistake to get their car stuck like this, but the results are so perfectly balanced that it would be hard not to feel impressed with myself if I were them.

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11. Whether we're talking about pets or children, sometimes we find ourselves doing weird things just because the little ones like it.

Reddit | jack-natas

If I were this person, I don't think I'd ever understand why holding a phone up to this goat brings it such serenity. But how could you ever resist doing it once you know that?

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12. When we have a hard time getting to sleep, we can find ourselves taking some desperate measures.

Reddit | Bradcifer

There's just something inherently soothing about the idea of someone as prestigious and beloved as Shrek looking at us with such appreciation.

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13. There are a couple of reasons that I can appreciate why this girl is covering her face like this.

Reddit | vernazza

One concerns the fact that cats can do a surprising amount of damage when they decide they want their claws in you.

As for the other? I'm allergic to them, so I'm obviously less than enthused about the idea of one launching itself at me like a torpedo and getting its hair and dander all over me.

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14. If we find a book or movie particularly immersive and interesting, it'a hard not to picture yourself in them.

reddit | jack-natas

And so, I'm guessing that's why this person decided to put a cockroach suit on and try to climb the wall.

But if they haven't just read Kafka's The Metamorphosis and became curious about how they'd fare as a giant bug, then I'll admit I have no idea what they're up to.

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15. Well, the translation on these signs may not be the best, but it's hard to argue with them.

Reddit | PsychologicalPermit9

Granted, I can't say I've ever met anyone who looked like a rainbow until they looked like a big potato, but I do know where yelling at your boss tends to get you.

And hey, maybe these rainbow potato people do exist somewhere.

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16. For the most part, the warnings on this laptop's box make sense, even if they're a little improbable.

Reddit | Omepas

I'm not sure who's out here trying to whack a box open with a morning star, but yeah, it probably wouldn't work very well.

I'm more puzzled at to why you can't do it with a carrot, though. Maybe they figure that sharpening a carrot enough to do that would just take more time than it's worth?

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17. I'm not sure what this is supposed to be, but I know the uploader was waiting at a drive-thru when they caught sight of it.

Reddit | BonerCrew

I obviously can't speak to how this makes you feel, but I'd personally be glad that I was waiting outside and about to leave if this blob was hanging out inside the restaurant.

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18. Well, I'm glad they included this warning because it would be pretty dangerous to confuse the two.

Twitter | @fartpowder

Because while it's not exactly impossible to wreck a tooth on some chicken, it's a lot more likely when you're biting into a solid mineral.

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19. I have to admit, this monkey looks fairly comfy hanging out in this satellite dish.

Reddit | Chang-Lao

If I was both its size and had its understanding of private property, I'd probably do the same.

I still don't think I'd fling my poop around, though.

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20. Speaking of monkeys in odd places, there's something very appealing about the way this one is sitting on a water tower.

Reddit | LightSaberBatman

It really does seem like it's thinking deeply about life, the universe, and everything even though it's probably just satisfied that nobody can bother it up there.

Come to think of it, that's also a pretty big mood.

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