Fans Agree That 'Ratatouille' Is The Best Pixar Movie As It Celebrates Its 13th Anniversary

Taylor Sakellis 30 Jun 2020

Ratatouille is BY FAR the most iconic animated Pixar film! I have been saying this for 13 years, but can you believe the people FINALLY agree with me?!

Twitter has totally decided that Remy and his hi-jinx in ol' Paris take the cake for best animated feature film, and who could blame them?! What is not to love about this iconic movie?!

Ratatouille is, of course, the iconic 2007 Disney Pixar animated film that takes place in Paris.

Giphy | Disney Pixar

The story follows a young, helpless garbage boy named Linguini and his unlikely friendship with Remy the rat.

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Remy teaches Linguini how to make delicious food in one of the most popular restaurants in Paris.

Giphy | Disney

Linguini and Remy discover that Remy can control Linguini's hand movements by tugging at his hair.

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The film went on to make a CRAZY $620 MILLION at the box office, far surpassing their $150 million budget.

Giphy | Disney Pixar

Now, 13 years later, fans are celebrating this cinematic feat and remembering it for the legendary film it was, and still is!

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The film is so stunning and well thought out! The looks food SO delicious and the characters are so loveable, you can't help but root for this tiny rat!


BRB, going to go cry and watch Ratatouille for the 100th time, now.

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