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14+ Fascinating Pics That Are Just Wicked Cool

Ryan Ford 30 Jun 2020

It's all well and good to want to study up and learn about the world, but sometimes you just have to appreciate the cool stuff that's out there. And hey, if you can do both at the same time, even better.

These pics play that role - they enlighten and they entertain, the best of both worlds.

1. How you shave matters.

Reddit | MixPakora

If you think there's a noticeable difference when you shave with a razor vs. an electric shaver, you might be onto something. Seen under magnification, the beard hair on the left was cut with a razor - the one on the right is from the electric shaver.

Do with that what you will.

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2. Have fun storming the castle, indeed.

Reddit | zagacious

Taken at Germany's Konigstein Castle, you can make out how a human measures up to a castle's walls if you look at the bottom right of the pic.

Now, imagine having to scale those walls during an invasion. Yeah, good luck with that.

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3. I would try these on a burger, for sure.

Reddit | cbnass

Yes, there are such things as purple tomatoes. The uploader identified these bright beauties as "Indigo Rose" tomatoes, but noted that the flesh inside is more red than purple.

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4. Heads up!

Reddit | ScHoolboyLou

Yes, that's a watermelon. Yes, they usually grow on the ground. However, in this case, the watermelon's vines have wrapped around a tree, and it sprouted well above the ground.

Here's hoping someone harvests it before it can clobber anyone in the noggin.

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5. Putting on a light show.

Reddit | sondredah

This is a long exposure picture of fireflies - or, if you prefer, lightning bugs. Their flashes of light are usually momentary, but as this image shows, they do tend to get around while they're lit up.

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6. Not nearly as scary as you might think.

Twitter | @emotionalpedant

Sure, you might not enjoy a close encounter with this guy, but it's harmless all the same.

This dog-faced bat is known as a Buettikofer's epauletted fruit bat, which should tip you off about how likely it is to take a bite out of you.

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7. Okay, I'm impressed.

Reddit | qu1etus

Space flight is just as impressive from this angle at 34,000 feet as it is from the ground. In the middle of the image is NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center.

The two structures down the road from it are launch pads.

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8. The things you see out an airplane window.


Sure, most of the flight you want to be out cold so it can go by as quickly as possible, but you don't want to miss out on sights like this: Japan's Mt. Fuji clearly cutting a path through clouds.

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9. That's one way to do it.

Reddit | archineering

In the Western Sahara, you might have to cross this thing: the world's longest conveyor belt.

It stretches 61 miles, from a phosphate mine in Morocco at one end to the ocean at the other end.

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10. User experience-based design.

Reddit | Sir_average

Rather than creating designated walking paths around campus, the University of Ohio let students dictate where they should go.

When enough students crossing campus had worn the paths they needed to get around, the university paved over the paths.

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11. This is a sport.

Reddit | TheGabnor

The tradition of building human towers or "castells" up to 10 layers tall began as a feature of cultural festivals in Catalonia way back in the early 18th century. Today, it's a sport with an annual championship.

To build human towers so tall, the spots at the top are usually children because they're so small and light - and yes, they wear helmets.

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12. Maker's mark.

Reddit | jms82000

The glass blower who made this object signed off in Braille. That's not only an accessible way to sign your name, but also a clear sign of craftsmanship, too.

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13. More than you bargained for.

Reddit | Johnbob-John

It's unclear if this was wild salmon or farmed salmon, but it came with an unexpected bonus: this RFID tag, similar to what you get when you chip your dog or cat.

So, at the very least, someone out there was interested in this fish's fate.

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14. Ssssweet.

Reddit | dadscondombrokelmao

It's hard to even imagine how many hours or palm leaves went into creating this snake dress, but it's absolutely incredible work.

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15. I think they're gonna get some weather, eh?

Twitter | @StormhunterTWN

Taken over Brockville, Ontario, a lucky resident captured this incredible view of an incoming storm system.

It's one of those pics that's great to get, and then makes you go right back inside before all hell breaks loose.

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16. Bloomin' stinky.

Reddit | fiach-o-mchugh

The corpse flower got its name with good reason - it stinks up a stench that's often compared to rotting beef.

And yet, people will gather around to see it open up and unleash that horrific stench because they tend to only bloom once every eight years, and only open up for about a day when they do.

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17. "Same whale, 35 years apart."

Reddit | J_ac_K

The markings on the tail check out, much like a fingerprint. It seems that, if nothing else, this whale likes the warmer waters off Mexico's Pacific coast, as it was spotted just outside the Baja on both occasions.

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18. The perfect camouflage.

Reddit | unassumingRodent

Nature isn't the only creator of things that blend into the background. If not for the plate underneath it, you might not even know there was a pesto pizza on this countertop.

What a shame that would be, too, because it looks delicious.

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19. Swim with care!

Reddit | Mooky7

If you even want to brave the icy waters of Lake Superior, that is.

But, if you're feeling extra warm, you'd still want to be careful around this abandoned silver mine shaft near Thunder Bay, Ontario.

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20. Gross, but still kinda cool, too.

Reddit | gbsolo12

Somebody making pizza dough took a pause to note how it had created this glutinous, stringy mass. Not sure if that's a good sign for the pizza's future, but it IS fascinating in a purely clinical sense.

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