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Confederate Flag Episode Of 'Golden Girls' Spin-Off Is Going Viral 30 Years Later

Taylor Sakellis 30 Jun 2020

Amidst the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests in the US and across the globe, an old clip from Golden Palace is going viral for its relevance today, despite the episode originally airing in 1992.

The confederate flag was banned from NASCAR races recently, which sparked outrage online.

Now, this clip from the beloved '90s comedy spin-off is shedding light on the harm of this symbol.

The confederate flag has long been regarded as a racist symbol from the south.


According to the Anti-Defamation League's website, "In 1860-61, eleven southern states seceded from the United States to protect the institution of slavery, forming the Confederate States of America and precipitating the Civil War. During the war, the Confederacy and its military forces used a variety of flags, but the flag that became most associated with the Confederacy was the so-called "battle flag." Organizations such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans adopted the flag as a symbol of Southern heritage but the flag also served as a potent symbol of slavery and white supremacy, which has caused it to be very popular among white supremacists in the 20th and 21st centuries."

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So when Blanche Devereaux proudly draped the flag on an episode of Golden Palace it brought up a powerful conversation with her co-star, Don Cheadle.

When Blanche tries to defend the flag as her family's heritage, Don points out that it's just as hateful for black people as a Nazi flag.

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Blanche then realizes that all her childhood memories have been tainted by the truth of this hateful flag.

It's a poignant clip that rings true today and is totally worth a watch, and a great way to explain to people why the flag is so harmful to black people.

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