7+ DIY Projects From TikTok We Want To Try

I can't begin to explain how many times I have tried a TikTok DIY and actually been successful.

Unlike most internet DIYs, TikTok DIYs tend to, you know, work. From home hacks to recipes, TikTok is THE place to get tips that you can actually use.

Okay, you can use them 90% of the time. One time I saw a TikTok where a guy "inflated" the cream inside an oreo by sticking a straw between the cookies and blowing, but the cream turned out to be a marshmallow. Man, that was disappointing.

1. Disney-ify your backyard.

TikTok | @morgan_stewart

Do I expect you to dig out a Mickey-shaped head in your backyard and turn it into a patio? No. Do I wish I had a backyard so that I could dig up a Mickey-shaped head in your backyard and turn it into a patio? Yes.

2. Learn how to thrift flip!

TikTok | @tereleen

I mean, why not reuse what you already have, or what you can steal out of your parents' closet? For this DIY, this skirt is about to become a whole new outfit.


TikTok | @tereleen

Not only did she shorten up the skirt and add a slit, she she made an entire tube top from the remaining fabric! Okay, queen!

Learn how she did it here.

3. Get into resin art.

TikTok | @pixiekawaiishop

Resin is BIG on TikTok, and for good reason — it's addicting to watch! This DIY involves jazzing up an existing light with some resin. Let's see what happens.

So, what did it end up looking like?

TikTok | @pixiekawaiishop

HECK YES! It's a sunset cloud full of color and glitter! Resin is a hard medium to learn, but once you get the hang of it? The sky is the limit. Literally. Because it's a cloud light. Get it?

4. Make a cute frame with newspaper!

TikTok | @jeet_boruah

Seriously, it's all just newspaper and glue. Roll up thin sheets of newspaper, gluing the end so that the tail is securely fastened to the rest of the pipe. Cut accordingly.

Then decorate!

TikTok | @jeet_boruah20

Paint it up and add whatever little extra embellishments you want. For the back, simply stick paper on a piece of cardboard! Check out the full TikTok here.

6. This TikTok really takes you on a journey.

TikTok | @rhonavandyke

I could NOT figure out what it was going to be for a good chunk of this TikTok, but damned if I wasn't riveted to the screen the entire time.

It's a frickin' planter!

TikTok | @rhonavandyke

She somehow glued everything together to create a planter for faux plants, complete with floral foam. That is... magnificently creative. I would have skipped the ribbon, though. But maybe that's just me.

5. Make that squirrel picnic table everyone's talking about.

This one requires no woodworking! It will require a trip to the dollar store and luck, since your dollar store will need to have that tiny picnic table. But hey! You're lucky, right?

7. Get creative with crayons!

TikTok | @yasminartdrawing

Step 1: Glue some crayons to a canvas.

Step 2: Go nuts.

Okay, no. There's more steps in between. Cover up the drawing under the crayons. You'll understand why in a second.

Is it hot in here?

TikTok | @yasminartdrawing

It is, and it's because a hair dryer was used to melt the crayons onto the canvas! Now it looks like it's raining rainbows. I love it.

8. Customize your own barrettes!

TikTok | @alysha_newton

Yup, barrettes are super back, and tbh? They're cute as hell. This TikTok will take you through the process of making a padded barrette with a fabric exterior!

Tina Belcher, eat your heart out.

TikTok | @alysha_newton

It's so sweet and cute! I love that it definitely has a handmade vibe, especially since things looking handmade is all the trend in big stores right now. Get your sewing skills on here!