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9+ Very Good Dogs Who Worked Hard To Go From Chonky To Healthy

Amy Pilkington

I don't know about you, but 2020 lockdown has resulted in a little extra weight around my middle. I don't judge myself or anyone else for that, since these are difficult times and a bit of stress-eating is understandable.

Add in the fact that many options for exercise and physical activity are limited, and a few extra pounds is understandable.

But as the temporary stress becomes more longterm, I've been trying to find ways to bring health back into my self-care routine, and it's hard not to take inspiration from these very good dogs who worked hard to get trim and healthy.

1. For example, this beagle named Kale Chips, who weighed 86 pounds and could barely walk.

Instagram | @kalechipsthedog

What makes Kale Chip's story important is how it highlights the fact that not all obese animals are the product of pure abuse.

His previous owner suffered from memory loss and would repeatedly provide meals. There was no lack of love, but for Kale Chip's health, he was re-homed and lost more than half his body weight.

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2. Some owners of obese dogs are far more sinister, though.

Instagram | @kai100less

Kai was 173 pounds when his humans dropped him off at a shelter to be put down. Instead, he was rescued and lost 100 pounds over two years.

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3. Five pounds in a tiny dog can make a huge difference!

Reddit | CheekyChelss

Chihuahuas tend to come up in this list a lot, because it's clearly far too easy to just let them pack on the pounds.

This sweetheart was left at a rescue and her new human turned to Reddit for help in a weight loss journey. So far, so amazing!

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4. It took two years of careful diet and exercise, but Reba's dropped half her original body weight!

Reddit | OkieDogDad

My sister has a corgi and he is a battering ram with a bottomless stomach. Corgis take a lot of work to keep trim and slim, and it can be hard to work off the pounds once there is too much weight for those tiny legs to handle.

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5. Here's another chihuahua who also lost half her body weight.

Reddit | T4C000

I'm sure that even though her eyebrows give her a natural resting angry face, she feels a lot better in that after pic.

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6. This is Tyva and she once looked like an unfortunate land seal.

Instagram | @chalkandcheese.nelsonbc

And not in a cute way.

With a careful diet and plenty of exercise, Tyva lost a pound per week until she looked healthy and happy again.

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7. This doggo named cookie perhaps liked her namesake a little too much.

Instagram | @kobebean_cookiemonster

But her humans worked hard to prevent overeating and took her on two walks per day, allowing her to drop 4.4 pounds between these two pics.

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8. Buddy's 90-year-old owner couldn't walk him, so a neighbor offered to help out.

Reddit | strikeoutsteph

Now he's lost a bunch of weight and is looking so much healthier!

It's a great example of neighborly kindness.

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9. Even five months can result in huge weight loss transformations.

Facebook | Wolfgang’s Weight Loss Journey

Wolfgang the beagle was 90 pounds when he was rescued from a shelter, but the rescue and his foster family weren't about to lose hope that he could be trim again.

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10. Shiloh lost more than half his body weight and was given the best care an old dog could have.

Instagram | @keeping.up.with.shiloh

Sadly, he passed away from kidney disease, but his human family made sure those last years were happy and full of love.

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11. Suki was so overweight when he was adopted that he couldn't lift his leg to pee without toppling over.

Instagram |

His owner just couldn't manage to care for him anymore and when a neighbor saw them struggling to walk, she offered to take Suki into her home.

Starting with a new diet and short walks, Suki built up his endurance and eventually blossomed into the trim bundle of energy he was meant to be.

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12. Lu-Seal the chihuahua was not blessed with luck early on.

Instagram | @lusealdog

At nine years old, she was 16 pounds and unable to walk, but instead of helping her, the humans responsible for her health abandoned her.

After lots of diet and exercise, she's now a trim eight pounds and helps promote dog health on Instagram.

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