Family Discovers Hidden Hole In Their Bathroom Filled With Vintage Products

Have you ever lost something in your house only to never see it again? I hate it when that happens. Ha, ha! Currently, I'm on the hunt for a striped cap I lost.

But this one family recently discovered a stash of goodies dating back to about 40 years ago. They were accidentally discovered in a hole in their medicine cabinet. Wow!

Strange things happen during all that time in quarantine.

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This family actually discovered a hole in their medicine cabinet that's been there for quite some time. And it turns out stuff has been falling into it for about the last 40 years! Whoa!

So they decided to cut open the wall to see what has been lost in there over the years.

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And to their surprise, there was actually a ton of stuff. Enough to fill another whole medicine cabinet if you can believe it.

They found some items dating back to the '80s like this beloved Jergens Extra Dry Lotion.

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Hey, I bet they can still use it. That stuff doesn't really expire now, does it? I bet it would be just as good.

There were a whole bunch of interesting medical and beauty supplies that must've been pushed to the back of the cabinet.

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Then, sadly, they all tumbled down never to be found again. Until now, that is.

Oh my goodness, I had no idea this was a thing.


How do people end up with a hole in their medicine cabinet that goes unnoticed for all those years? I guess they weren't that attached to any of these items.

Do you recall seeing this Bactine antiseptic?

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It turns out people online knew exactly what this item was, and that it pretty much stings like hell regardless of what it promises on the bottle. I'm glad I never got to try this.

I'm lucky my mom never tried using any of this stuff on me because that wouldn't have been too pretty.

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I would have put up quite the fight if I knew what was coming to me. How about you?

In addition to these questionable caffeine pills, the family found many other products that are oldies but goodies.

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We're talking about things like a Brut perfume bottle, some Band-Aids, Pamprin pills, AquaVelva Musk aftershave, ‘80s Tylenol, and Olay oil to name a few.

Many people online found this discovery quite fascinating.

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Some of them even recalled using these products quite vividly. Like the Brut perfume that was even mentioned in the fan-favorite '90s movie Wayne's World. Ha, ha! I remember it, too.

Do you remember these goodies? Did you have any of them back in the day?

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I gotta say, I've been known to hoard some things, but this treasure trove is not something I would likely have in my house. Ha, ha!

If you don't have a bathroom treasure hole, maybe you should get one ASAP.


This Reddit user seems pretty excited to get a bathroom hole of their own. I dunno, I think I might feel that way, too. I might be missing out on something here.

This person even asked the most important question. (That's what I wondered, too.)

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Like, how did somebody not realize they were missing some of these items? Perhaps they even accused somebody in the house of stealing and using them. Right?

Then, this person suggested a rather interesting solution.

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I had no idea there was a museum of this sort anywhere. Ha, ha! I wonder if they can use any of this stuff. I dunno if any of them were failures but it's worth a try.

So has something like this ever happened to you?


What would you do if you found a collection of goodies from ages ago? I wonder if they can sell it to some kind of online collector. You know, 'cause some people are weird like that.

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