10+ Fascinating Images That Show The Inside Of Common Objects

Have you ever looked inside of something and discovered that what's there is even more fascinating than the object itself? Isn't it wild when that happens? I absolutely love that.

It's like finding a hidden treasure of sorts. No? Well, here are a few amazing examples of this very occurrence. I think you'll find these pictures quite interesting, to say the least.

1. This Toaster

Reddit | Mylifeisoverrated

Somebody was actually brave enough to stick their camera close enough to their hot toaster to see how it looks inside. And, it looks as cool as this. Wow, I feel like I'm in The Matrix. Ha, ha!

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2. This Tree

Reddit | Sachikox

I've seen pictures like these posted online before and they always intrigue me. How is it that a tree creates this perfect outline of a tree inside of its own trunk? Isn't that so crazy? I think so.

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3. This Bell Pepper

Reddit | u/SamStephens

Imagine if you had a special lens that would let you zoom in and see what's inside of a bell pepper? Well, that's exactly what this is. Doesn't it look like it's a heart with vessels or what?

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4. This Water Heater

Reddit | type-username_here

You're going to have to pay close attention to this picture. But when you look hard enough you'll see that the inside of this water heater looks like a watchful cat's eyes. Kinda creepy if you ask me.

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5. This Cabbage

Reddit | zaynthelegend

If there's one vegetable I find fascinating, it's definitely the cabbage. Every one of them that you cut open looks totally different. This one has the most intricate design that looks almost hypnotic. Are you getting sleepy? Ha, ha!

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6. This Cactus

Reddit | u/moonbootica_89

Who knew that a cactus can be just as interesting to look at on the inside as they are on the outside? Huh? It looks like there are a bunch of layers in there. That's so cool. Right?

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7. This Gas Pump

Reddit | ChatchkeeBatchkee

If you're a mechanically-inclined person you'll probably appreciate the inside look at this gas pump. To me, it looks like just a bunch of junk. Ha, ha! But you knock yourself out checking it out. Okay?

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8. This Carrot

Reddit | thesmallshadows

If you thought this looked like some kind of nebula you would be wrong. This is just a carrot that's been cut open. But doesn't it look like it's from outer space or something like that? Wow!

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9. This Mattress

Reddit | mdgholson

No, you didn't get trapped inside some kind of alien cave or something. This is actually just the inside of a mattress. LOL! How did somebody even capture a picture like this? It's pretty incredible. Isn't it?

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10. This Guitar


Is this a hallway in some sort of historical building or something of that nature? No, it isn't. This, believe it or not, is the inside of an actual guitar. Wowza! I never would have guessed that.

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11. This Tomato


Oh my goodness, how cute is this tomato that looks like it's hiding a strawberry inside of it? Ha, ha! That's so cool. I would feel a little sad to eat it now. Would you eat it?

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12. This Cheese Grater

Reddit | uansjonesPGH

OMG, this looks like it could be a hallway in a scene from Blade Runner. Am I right? Oddly enough this is just the interior of a cheese grater while it's being washed. Wow, really?

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13. This Eye

Reddit | PhyrePhoxe

Is it just me or do you find looking inside at a human eye fascinating? This one, in particular, could pass for some kind of impressionist painting of hell. Wow, that's pretty disturbing if you think of it that way.

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I'm so happy I've stumbled upon these pictures because they totally made my day.


Looking at them gave me all sorts of satisfaction I couldn't get anywhere else today. I hope they made you feel just as good if not better.

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