11+ Clever Advertisements We Just Have To Applaud

These days we are literally bombarded with advertisements. They're pretty much everywhere, and I'm not just talking about TV or radio either.

There are billboards on your way to work and then there are other really creative ways to advertise. The following ads are not only awesome because of their message, but also because of the way they've been displayed.

1. This Beer Ad

Pinterest | Ads Of The World

Here's one way to attract attention with your beer ad. Why not just put it where everyone would like to take a cool picture with it? That kind of advertisement pretty much pays for itself with all the publicity.

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2. These Heinz Ads

Reddit | Kharsh_Aryan

What a smart way to advertise the same product by using two interesting displays. One appears on a static bus stop and the other is placed on a moving bus. That's pretty clever if you ask me.

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3. This Knife Ad

Ads Of The World

Talk about a precise way of showing how well your product works. In this case, it's a knife that's so sharp it can actually slice a lobster in half. Ha, ha! Would you believe it, though?

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4. This Paint Ad

Pinterest | Dell Blue In-House Agency

Wow, I gotta say this is probably the most interesting billboard ad I've seen in some time. I wonder who came up with this super cool idea. Whoever it was, I think they deserve a raise.

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5. This McCafe Ad

The Marketing Birds

Looks like good ol' McDonald's is stepping up their game when it comes to street advertising. If this ad doesn't make you stop and marvel I dunno what else they can possibly do. Am I right?

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6. This Dental Office

I used to do marketing for a dental office so this is right up my alley. I wonder how much foot traffic they end up getting from this campaign. I gotta admit, it's definitely eye-catching.

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7. These Ballet Classes


Here's a similar idea, but this time, whoever did this is offering ballet classes. I mean, why just put up a boring ad that everyone will ignore when you can get cheeky like this instead. Right?

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8. This Bounty Ad

Hook Agency

Talk about making a big splash with your advertisement. It looks like people are literally stopping to take a look at it. This is definitely the definition of clever marketing. Don't you think? I think it's great.

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9. This Tea Ad


Oh my, this tea company surely went above and beyond to get the word out about their product. I love how they used something to beautify the street instead of just polluting it. I stand behind this.

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10. This Polaroid Ad

Facebook | MOTT

Such a cool and interactive Polaroid cab ad. Somebody was really clever when they came up with this idea. I think this is such a brilliant way to get people to notice your product. Right?

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11. This Ikea Ad

It's about time a furniture company jumped on an idea like this. Not only are they providing some light to the neighborhood but they're also showing off one of their lamp products. This is an awesome idea. Huh?

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12. This TV Channel Ad


Okay, escalators already freak me out sometimes but now I dunno if I could actually use one. LOL! If you're like me would you take a dangerous plunge down this one? Ha, ha! This would weird me out.

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13. This Coffee Ad

121 Creative

Oh my goodness, that's such a cool way to advertise a hot cup of coffee. Wouldn't that just make you crave one? This is probably the most clever type of street ad I've seen in a while.

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14. This Simpsons Ad


When The Simpsons Movie came out, there were a number of clever ad campaigns that accompanied it, but this escalator with donuts feeding right into Homer's mouth just might be the best.

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15. This Kit Kat Ad


Who knew escalators were such a compelling platform for advertising? This Kit Kat escalator takes some inspiration from the Simpsons one. Either way, I'll have what they're having!

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16. This Nike Ad


It's pretty much all there, isn't it? Nike Run is not going to help you sit down. You need to run!

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17. This Jeep Ad

Reddit | u/elongay

This is pretty great because it draws upon the idea of the urban jungle, while also incorporating easily recognizable imagery that comes from the real jungle. Well done, Jeep.

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18. This Lego Ad

Reddit | u/B34TBOXX5

I will always love and appreciate Lego for its dedication to inspiring young minds. This ad is such a great encapsulation of that it makes me want to go out and buy a bunch of Lego and give it to some random kid!

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19. This Rolex Ad

Reddit | u/s2k_guy

This may seem pretty innocuous, but the genius is that this online ad for Rolex synchs the date and time on the watch with the current date and time. Mind. Blown.

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20. This Video Game Ad


So, the story here is that this man is the main bad guy in the game, and he wants his son to follow in his footsteps. If you look closely, you'll see that the red collar on the father's shirt looks like devil horns on the boy's head. Could this be foreshadowing...?

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21. This Sock Ad

Reddit | u/GeneReddit123

Crazy patterned socks are such a fashion staple now, especially for men. But what this ad is telling us is that it could actually get you into trouble. (OMG, I'll never look at Santa the same way again!)

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22. This Road Safety Ad

Reddit | u/JustFantastic_

Isn't this just awesome? Not only is it a very important message, but they managed to create an ad that's so eye-catching and poignant, it's like you can't look away. And by extension, you can't miss the message.

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23. This Coffee Ad

Reddit | u/freewillson

What a perfect depiction of what this coffee — or any coffee — can do for you. It might as well be a picture of me!

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It's pretty amazing what companies are doing these days to step up their game when it comes to advertising.


These ads all blew me away. I wonder what they will come up with next. Ha, ha! I guess we shall see.

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