5+ Ideas That Help The Environment And 5+ That Definitely Don't

Nowadays, we're all trying to be more environmentally friendly. I mean, we only have one earth so we definitely need to do everything we can to protect it from further devastation.

So it's awesome to see that some companies are already ahead of the curve. But apparently, there are also those who didn't exactly get the memo.

1. This Cafe

Reddit | rambro47

So this cafe eliminated those annoying plastic stir sticks people use for their coffee. Instead, they just give you some dry pasta noodles. Ha, ha! Isn't that fabulous? I absolutely love this idea and I want to see it everywhere.

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2. This Plastic Wrapped In Plastic

Webstaurant Store

Isn't it so annoying when you go to a restaurant and they hand you this type of cutlery? Not only is it plastic itself but it's also wrapped in a plastic bag. Ugh. I hate that.

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3. This Laser Engraving On An Avocado

Reddit | chimponabike

I have yet to see this type of food labeling in my grocery store. But I gotta say, I'm excited to see it implemented as soon as possible. This is such a great idea.

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4. Plastic Sticker On Veggies And Fruits

Pinterest | AvoTerra

Honestly, in this day and age, there's no excuse for having all these extra stickers on produce. I understand they need it for cashiers, but I just memorized all the codes when I was one.

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5. This Trash Bin


This trash bin encourages you to place your bottles in the receptacle. This way, anyone collecting bottles for a return doesn't need to dig through all the garbage. That is such a kind-hearted idea. No?

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6. This Terrible Bin

Reddit | koutelitis

I've seen recycling bins like this one before and they always baffle me. How are you supposed to separate anything when it all goes into the same place? Who came up with this? This is terrible.

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7. This Hollow Soap

Reddit | minaster2312

It's true that many of those hotel soaps go unused and then what happens to them? They get thrown away. Well, this hotel uses a hollowed-out soap to reduce waste and I think that's so amazing.

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8. This Individually Wrapped Hotel Soap

Hotel Supply China

This is such a wasteful way of thinking. Not only will these soap scraps get thrown away into the trash but all this wrapping is simply unnecessary. There are better ways to do it.

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9. This Recycled Cardboard Packaging

Reddit | bunzler

It's really awesome to see that companies are using recycled items as packaging material. This recycled cardboard is the way to go here. I wish this was the case with all packaged goods. No?

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10. This Overuse Of Packaging

Reddit | secretly-a-bear

On the other hand, it's pretty unbelievable that so much useless packaging was included to ship such tiny items. My question is simply, "why?" There are obviously much better ways to do it as exemplified earlier.

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11. These Biodegradable Plates


I've stopped buying single-use plastic plates and cutlery because there's really no need for them. If you absolutely need to use something just a few times, this is such a better option for you. The environment will thank you.

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12. This Individually Wrapped Produce

Reddit | jayvictorusa

I haven't actually seen such an abomination as these individually wrapped peppers, but I've seen situations that were close enough. This overuse of plastic really needs to stop right about now. This is so disappointing to see.

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13. This Wine Bottle With A Reusable Glass Stopper


Can you believe that this awesome wine bottle doesn't have the typical cork? It actually comes with a reusable glass cork instead. How cool is that? Wow! I really like that.

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14. This Pitiful Situation

Reddit | laanalech90

Do you go through the trouble of separating your trash from your recyclables? Well, good on you. Unfortunately, this dump truck doesn't seem to have gotten the memo. They threw everything in at the same time. OMG!

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15. This Ramen Cup

Reddit | pixelfetish

Normally, people don't think to take that extra step and separate the paper packaging from the plastic.

This label rewards those who do!

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16. This Unnecessary Amazon Waste

Reddit | sousaj

This Redditor ordered 27 books, and each book was delivered in a separate box.

Why, Amazon, just why.

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17. These Upcycled Cereal Box Gift Bags

DIY Real

Who knew cereal boxes could be made into funky gift bags? They definitely beat the flimsy store-bought ones, too!

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18. These Single Packages Of Face Wipes

Instagram | @gracemypal

While the idea is nice, is it really worth it? Not only are the wipes pretty wasteful as-is, now they're individually wrapped in more plastic.

Yikes, Neutrogena...

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19. This Gum Recycler

Reddit | Ollymotion

This gum recycler proves just about anything can be recycled into new products!

Not only does this little contraption help keep gum off sidewalks, tables, and railings, but its also made out of gum.


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20. This Dose Of "Why?"

Instagram | @tuktukstrainsandtantrums

Bananas are already naturally packaged, is another layer really necessary?

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21. These Zero-Waste Shampoo Bottles

Instagram | @jonna_breitenhuber

How cool is this product? It's a zero-waste shampoo bottle by Jonna Beitenhuber that is made out of soap, so it can completely break down in the shower.

We need more products like this!

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22. This Tone Deaf Garbage/Recycling Bin At A Zoo

Reddit | FinnMac93

I definitely see what this zoo was trying to do, but yeah, I think we're trying to promote the exact opposite.

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23. This Sustainable Beer Bottle

Instagram | @avantium_

Carlsberg beer is working on developing a beer bottle made completely out of paper so that it can be recycled and broken down a whole lot easier.

It's amazing that larger corporations are thinking about their contribution to waste and how they can directly help curb it!

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