7+ DIY Projects That Caught Our Attention Online

I always admire people who are artistically inclined and can make interesting things from scratch. I used to do that as a kid but now I don't have much spare time.

It's amazing what people can do when they put their mind into it. These folks used their time wisely and came up with wonderful things we can all admire now.

1. This Ping-Pong Ball LED Clock

Reddit | J_Pnathan

Oh my! You might be wondering what exactly are you looking at here. Let me tell you: This is a ping-pong ball LED clock somebody made. There's one WS2812 LED light behind each ball. Whoa!

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2. This Cat Tree


Speaking of cats, if you don't have an old TV you can use, don't worry. This person came up with an interesting DIY cat tree design that looks simple enough for me. You just need a few spare crates and carpet samples.

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3. This Jewelry Box

Reddit | Martysinvisible

If you're looking for a cool gift for someone like your mom, for example, this idea is simply fabulous. This person made a beautiful jewelry box with pretty pressed flowers inside. What an amazing idea. I love it.

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4. This Balcony

Reddit | ulyingcar12

Some people just sit around watching TV during their time off while others put themselves to work. This artistically-inclined person chose to paint over their boring balcony in this funky pattern. I think it looks much better now.

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5. This Stained Glass Watercolor Painting


Speaking of being artistically inclined, this person took inspiration from this watercolor painting and turned it into a stained glass project. I can't believe how similar it looks. That's quite amazing if you ask me.

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6. This 'Peanuts'-Inspired Mailbox

Reddit | nutthousecrafts

Why use just a boring mailbox when you can make it a lot more fun? This one is inspired by the childhood favorite Peanuts characters like Snoopy and Woodstock. Oh, I just love these little guys.

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7. This Upcycled Clothing Idea

Reddit | sianbob

Why throw away your old, out-of-fashion clothes when you can put them to good use? In this case, you can make shopping totes and scrunchies out of them. Oh, wow! Why haven't I thought of this idea?

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8. This Tin Can Planter


Speaking of repurposing old things, how about this for an idea. No need to get rid of those used tin cans when you can turn them into simple yet cool herb planters like these. Amazing.

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9. This Rug

Reddit | SeymourWaters

If sewing or making planters isn't your thing, how about something like this? I really love this hand-made psychedelic rug that somebody created. What a fun project to embark on when you've got the time to spare.

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10. This DIY Toy Kitchen Sewing Project

Reddit | iveydesign

Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen? Oh my goodness! Why buy your child a kitchen set when you can just sew one that you can put over a chair? I think that's brilliant.

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11. This Wine Cork Utensil Holder


If you're looking for a simple DIY project, look no further than this. Isn't this wine cork utensil holder the funkiest you've ever seen? I really have to make something like this. I think it's fabulous.

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12. This Lamp

Reddit | ydw1988913

How fabulous is this lamp? This creative person repurposed their broken iMac and made it into a touch-controlled and dimmable lamp. And get this even the USB port works as a phone charger. That's so impressive. Right?

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13. This Cat House

Reddit | Braggadocios

Oh my goodness, what is this? Is there a cat inside of this TV? Ha, ha! If you can believe it somebody repurposed a retro TV to make an awesome cat house. The kitty seems to love it.

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14. These Rainbow Stairs

Imgur | BinBender

If you can believe it, these stairs were done using cheap paint samples. This is such a clever way to use any leftover paint and these stairs will instantly add a splash of color to your home.

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I'm truly blown away by the creativity of some of these folks.

Giphy | ICONnetwork

This is starting to get my creative juices flowing. Ha, ha! I feel like I need to find myself a cool DIY project just like one of these ASAP.

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