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Fans Aren't Here For Jimmy Fallon's 'Awkward' First Show Back In The Studio

Rae Batchelor 14 Jul 2020

Working at home has been tough for a lot of us. There's been a lot of changes to get used to, like being around your kids all day, or having your family around when you're not expecting them. These same issues have been tough for Jimmy Fallon, who was probably looking forward to getting back into the studio.

It looks like it may not have gone the way he wanted it to.

Jimmy Fallon had been doing The Tonight Show from his home since March.

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This switch had worked out pretty well for him, with his adorable children and lovely wife frequently making appearances or allowing him to bounce energy and humor off of them.

On July 13th, Jimmy had his first show back in an empty studio, and audiences weren't thrilled.

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Many found the show to be plagued by awkward pauses.

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"I know it's tough with this stay at home scenario but.....god it's so messy and filled with awkward pauses. This is hard to watch," tweeted one fan.

Of course, it would take anyone some time to get into the swing of things, but fans were not here for the process.

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Some fans requested Jimmy keep the show at home.

"Uh, show so far totally lame. Tone, sentiments at onset painfully awkward. Verbage and behavior not in alignment-- camera operators w/ masks and you and band not. Modeling [expletive] for people," tweeted one fan, who felt Jimmy and the band should have also been wearing masks.

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You can watch a clip for yourself right here.

What do you think of Jimmy's studio return? Do you think that it's awkward and uncomfortable, or do you think we should let Jimmy get into the groove of a new format? Let us know in the comments!

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