11+ Times Shopping At The Thrift Store Actually Paid Off

Emily McWilliams 20 Jul 2020

Everyone has their own version of their happy place and mine is definitely the thrift store. First of all, it is a one-stop shop. How many stores still sell clothes AND housewares AND decor? Huh? Secondly, there are some amazing deals just waiting to be found.

In the cases of these lucky shoppers, not only did they walk away from the thrift store with some sweet purchases, they actually made money off of their thrift store buys. Take a look and see why it can actually pay off to shop at the thrift store.

1. This blinged-out brooch.


For a mere $40, this Reddit user scored a brooch that is 14K gold and blinged out to the max with real sapphires and diamonds. This could very well be the best $40 ever spent at the thrift store.

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2. This art kit that is basically the gift that keeps on giving.

Reddit | femme2000

One Reddit user bought this art set for $7.95, not realizing that there were two more layers of supplies hidden inside the case. Plus, just think about all the priceless art they can make with this kit now. This is the definition of a great thrift store find.

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3. A beautiful find for under $10.

Reddit | soatpsy

This handmade vase from China was found in a flea market for only $8. While we don't know the actual value of the vase, I'm going to guess it's worth a lot more than $8 — I mean, it's pretty rare that I can even buy lunch for that amount.

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4. This genuine NASA find.

Reddit | _paperbackdreams_

I'm still trying to wrap my head around how something that once belonged to NASA was available for sale in a thrift store for $50. How many people can say they own furniture that once belonged to NASA, huh?

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5. A gorgeous crystal vase that could fetch a nice chunk of change.

Reddit | calvininthewagon

And, by "chunk of change", I mean $200. Yes, this genuine crystal vase from Tiffany & Co. (you may have heard of them before?) somehow made its way to Goodwill. There, one lucky Reddit user was able to scoop it up for $2. I am as shocked as you are.

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6. This coffee maker.

Reddit | nwinchester923

I know this might not be the most glamorous or glitzy find, but trust me when I say it is still a deal. This industrial coffee maker usually retails for well over $800, but someone scored it for $30. Hey, I'm all for cheap coffee.

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7. These designer pants.

Reddit | own12

Finding designer clothes at a thrift or secondhand store is one of my favorite hobbies. Who says you have to spend big bucks to get a fabulous wardrobe? This Reddit user was able to find $300 Paige denim pants for a tidy $12, and yes, they fit perfectly.

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8. A pair of Dolce & Gabbana loafers.

Reddit | domthehooper

Here's another fabulous designer fashion find: authentic Dolce & Gabbana loafers for only $10. I think I would actually cry in the aisle of the thrift store if I managed to find these in my size (Kidding! But also... maybe not kidding.)

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9. A collection of vintage pens.

Reddit | UrbanRelicHunter

Wait! Before you keep scrolling thinking this is the most boring find of the article so far, let me tell you something: these are not ordinary pens. One of these vintage pens has a genuine 14k gold cap and is filled with 16k gold. Oh, and the whole set cost $5. Do I have your attention now?

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10. A beautiful brooch for a pretty price.

Reddit | minarima

This unusual-looking brooch was found with the costume jewelry for $5. When the buyer took it to get appraised, they learned it was made from 18k white gold and jade stones. Not bad for $5!

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11. I'll let this Reddit user shed some light on this find.

Reddit | oldirishelk

"A genuine signed Gustave Doré engraving I scored for £40, I didn't realise what I had until I did some digging at home, turns out to be worth a few thousand pounds! Find of a lifetime!" said oldirishelk on Reddit. That is a heck of a story!

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12. A stunning and sunny mirror

Reddit | helpmeineedoranges

I am really feeling the celestial vibe of this mirror and would have happily scooped it up if I saw it at my local thrift store. Sadly, I am not the owner of this mirror, but the lucky Reddit user who did get it paid $30 and later learned it was worth around $1200. See? It does pay to go thrift store hunting.

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13. This is pretty much the modern version of finding buried treasure.

Reddit | Radiantlyred

Do you ever see those thrift "grab bags" or in this case, "grab jars"? You know, where you get a whole collection of similar items for a fixed price? Well, this jar of costume jewelry actually contained 18k earrings and this user got them for $25.

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14. This sweet vintage camera.

Reddit | rosshj

I have a soft spot for vintage cameras, so I would be so happy if I scored something like this for $66. I'd be even happier if I later learned that this camera is worth between $8,000-$14,000. That is insane! Now the question is, should the buyer keep it or sell it? Hmmmm...

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