9+ Tweets From Parents Who Are One Step Ahead Of Their Kids

Lex Gabrielle 31 Jul 2020

Parenting is extremely hard. Sometimes, it seems almost impossible. But, there are some moments when we just get parenting right and it feels like we're nailing it (for once). And, sometimes we even see that our parenting has worked way beyond our imagination when we see our kids doing the right thing.

1. Why not, right?

If there's one thing that is going to make Daddy's card even better, it's his face when he sees that there is a huge maxi pad stuck to the front of the card.

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2. Whoever dressed this child, they are winning.

Some girls want to be princesses. Some girls want to be hotdogs. If your child wants to be a hotdog, let them be a hotdog and own that costume.

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3. Things happen.

Parenting tip: be sure to check your windows before you begin spitting things out of the window. But, it's hilarious to see your kid covered in sunflower seeds nonetheless.

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4. Parenting done 100% right.

Once you see yourself in your kid, there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop the pride. Sometimes, it's when they do something well. Other times, it's when they're lazy couch potatoes like us.

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5. Dark and twisted. I love it.

Not all holiday cards have to be cheery and fun. Sometimes, they are dark, twisted, and filled with rage. We can't blame our kids for understanding the world well.

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6. Someone taught their kids well.

This kid knows that everything in life is better when you win some money. When he's 100-years-old, this kid is going to be on the slot machines and win big.

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7. Never been so proud.

Looking at his daughter, this dad knows that this is true parenting done right. Lock the little one away so they can't make any more messes around the house anymore.

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8. Exactly.

Knowing our kids well enough, sometimes a legal name change makes sense. Or, we can just use this dark humor for the rest of our lives while we raise them.

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9. Perfect for when you truly want to be late.

When you need a good excuse as to why you were late to the dinner party you didn't want to go to, just tell your kid to make an impossible choice in a few moments.

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10. Brilliance. Sheer brilliance.

Twitter l @DavidSven

If any parent deserves a gold medal, it's this dad right here. He has truly made his son a life-long learner and reader specifically by just giving him $1. New parenting trick everyone should try!

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