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16+ Times Clever People Showed How Resourceful They Could Be

Ryan Ford 24 Jul 2020

There a good reason why MacGyver's legacy lived on so much longer than the show. You just can't help respecting that kind of resourcefulness and creativity, right? Sure, it was scripted stuff that the writers had plenty of time to plan out and research, but it made for some top notch drama.

These folks might not exactly be real-life MacGyvers, but you have to admit, they're resourceful and creative.

1. Helpful and heartwarming.

Reddit | thunde-r

This eagle's broken beak got a fearsome fix thanks to someone with a 3D printer. It's hard to say for sure if the prosthetic will hold up for a long time in the wild, but it gave this eagle a much better shot.

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2. Using what's on hand.

Reddit | CTFR_

The conditions at this altitude are not terribly welcoming, even for more permanent structures.

For this temporary hut on Mt. Etna, foundations weren't going to be a thing, so to keep it in place, it was ratchet-strapped to a nice, sturdy boulder that won't be going anywhere.

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3. That's a different way of getting around.

Reddit | RampChurch

How do you bicycle on railroad tracks? Well, most of us would just have to suffer along all the bumps or deal with the gravel. This guy built a custom rig to actually ride the rails on his bike.

Guessing he only rides it on abandoned tracks.

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4. Creative and appropriate.

Reddit | AnthMaster7

This music store rigged up a nice, hands-free hand sanitizer dispenser with something they already had in store: a high-hat stand. Pretty sure Neil Peart would approve.

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5. This really grows on you.

Reddit | Mikehuntpunt1

Lots of people use shrubberies and bushes for privacy in lieu of fencing. Not everybody grows a fence like this, however.

It would take a long, long time to accomplish, but wow, the results are worth the effort.

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6. Wonder what kind of traction that gets?

Reddit | FatherWeinstein

You know, spare tires generally aren't meant to be long-term solutions at the best of times. Really, they're supposed to get you to the shop to get a new tire put on. I would be interested to see if this actually accomplished even that.

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7. That'll get 'er done.

Reddit | FCFD_161

This person needed some walls for their trailer when moving some stuff, and they found just the solution they needed: spare doors and ratchet straps.

Man, those ratchet straps really come in handy.

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8. Basically an oasis.

Reddit | Cgray3105

When someone is determined to relax, don't stand in their way. Just look at the lengths this guy has gone to, creating his own charcoal-grill-powered hot tub on his deck. Hats off to that dedication to relaxation.

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9. When you're in knead, you'll think of something.

Reddit | vagabionda

I do hope the guy behind this creation cleaned out that drill first, but as solutions for mixing go, this works.

Yes, it would be much better to have one of those nice stand mixers, but have you seen how much those things cost?

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10. Um, okay then.

Reddit | DoubleGemini90

You know, I don't think I ever would have thought to use a truck hood as a headboard — but the measurements at least appear to be pretty close, so that's something.

Also, is $25 a good price for a truck hood? Because it's a great price for a headboard.

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11. Less pain, more gain.

Reddit | daniexanie

The person behind this excellent creation said they were getting sick of bending over to pick up dropped pins, so they taped a magnet to the end of a yard stick. Yep, that'll work!

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12. Now, that's stunning.

Reddit | lolobq47

I'm in awe of people who can see the artistic potential in things like a jar full of buttons. Having the ability to pull it off so well, too, is just next-level impressive.

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13. See also, the artistic potential of packing peanuts.

Reddit | ichforstehsnich

Yes, someone fashioned this dragon out of common, ordinary packing peanuts. That's not something I ever would have come up with.

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14. Note: office supplies come inside office supplies.

Reddit | Bob10110110110110175

That is, if you're using them right. This person put the boxes everything came in to work, too, using them to make the desk.

Is it sturdy? I don't know. But the price sure seems right.

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15. Pure genius.

Reddit | Cheff_excelence

Hey, air purifiers can be much more pricey than you would expect. So, this person taped a furnace filter to a box fan to create a very similar effect.

I definitely wish I had thought of this back in college. The air in dorms can get super nasty.

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16. "Better than new."

Reddit | ClubMillion

I mean, sure, you could get thousands of dollars in body work done, or you could add a decal that's basically an upgrade.

And what really makes it is the Roadrunner standing there, taunting him. Perfect.

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17. That has to be so much more comfortable.

Reddit | TimoVuorensola

Even wearing a mask into a store for a half-hour grocery trip can be hard on the ears — flying across the country must be awful.

This guy's got the solution, though: Wrap the strings around your headphones to take the strain off.

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18. Well, it worked, didn't it?

Reddit | ejk9192

One homeowner discovered that a previous owner had covered up a gap in the floor by nailing down some flattened food cans. It might not be the exact right fix for the job, but it's effective!

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19. Functional memories.

Reddit | Asthjmaya

If this guy's pants look weird, that's because they're made out of hats he's gotten at previous festivals. It's a unique way to use your memorabilia, and it really does make a statement!

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20. Navigation on hand.

Reddit | Nathan_Dupre

This college sold water bottles with a map of campus printed on it, and I'm not exaggerating when I say I think this is the singular best piece of college merch I've ever seen.

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21. With a side order of breadsticks.

Reddit | PsychoticChocolate

The money is great, and it's a creative way of giving it, but I'll admit, I'd be a little sad there wasn't a real pizza in there.

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22. A quick trip to the doctor.

Reddit | bigeffingd

When one of the legs broke on this planter, they made little crutches to keep him up. I hope he heals well!

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23. "Mechanic wanted $900 for a new horn, but I fixed it myself!"

Reddit | captainmagictrousers

Saves you money and is probably more cathartic than honking a horn anyway!

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24. No webcam? No problem.

Reddit | Clowarrior

My current phone is an S7. The front camera isn't great, so I'd say it matches standard computer webcam quality perfectly.

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25. Bring the park to you.

Reddit | MegaFranek69

Not that this is generally safe, but I think it'd be a little better if you cut the legs off so they didn't hit the ground, no?

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26. Now, that's cool.

Reddit | GroundPlatoon

"My great grandfather carved this letter opener out of a crashed aeroplane windshield during the second world war," the uploader of this pic shared. That's a memento and a half right there.

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27. "My [friend's] roommate has a food/drink welcome stand for anyone to help themselves when they come in his house."

Reddit | mspyros14

I will never have my life together like these people do. I would also never have the self-control to not rip into these myself if I lived there.

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28. Heavy duty meetings.

Reddit | WoollyMonster

This old bank was transformed into a hotel, where they kept the vault as a meeting room, and I see why! It makes every meeting feel fancy and important.

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29. "Deodorant twister was broken."

Reddit | bunlip

I guess that's what you get for buying a $1.50 stick of deodorant, but you pulled it through. Sort of.

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