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15+ Fascinating Pics That Are Absolutely Mesmerizing

Ryan Ford 27 Jul 2020

A good picture will either evoke an emotional reaction inside of you or get you thinking. That's their job.

These pics definitely lean more towards getting you thinking, and they do it an marvelous way, instilling a sense of wonder and drawing you in. You could say they're downright mesmerizing.

1. It's like a portal to another dimension.

Reddit | Seekmeeseek

But all you really need to create an effect like this is a fistful of glow sticks, some burning steel wool at the end, and the nerve to swing it all around your head really fast.

Seen with a long exposure photo, it's downright magical.

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2. It's like nature just wanted to art-up some of its own, finest artwork.

Reddit | PublicMail5_

The spirals in a shell are usually enough on their own to entrance us - seeing this one lined with agate is on another level.

You could easily get lost for an afternoon just thinking about the centuries upon centuries of geological forces and processes that created this.

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3. Speaking of mesmerizing geology...

Reddit | leakytoquito

This moss agate is like holding a miniature Narnia in your hand. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if C.S. Lewis just looked into a mineral like this for inspiration and created a timeless classic out of it.

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4. Towers in the sky.

Reddit | GabrielTheSinner

You pretty much have to live near a mountain range to hope to see an arrangement of lenticular clouds like this.

These saucer-like shapes form when stable, moist air moves over the downward side of a mountain and encounters temperatures approaching the dew point.

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5. Just enjoy the winding, twisting splendor of this Japanese maple.

Reddit | AccomplishGreatness

Mind you, it's quite possible that this photo was taken at an angle to suggest a larger size, because Japanese maples aren't known for growing to immense proportions - some varieties do grow up to about 80 feet in height, it's true, but others are also used for bonsai trees.

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6. Blown away.

Reddit | BuRgErKIngFooTMaN

This array of wind turbines appears to be carving up a patch of fog, but they're actually creating fog.

The movement of those giant blades churning up the air causes a zone of lower air pressure and turbulence behind them, which can cause humid air to condense into fog.

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7. Now, that's some slicing.

Reddit | casualphilosopher1

This cloud is definitely parting in the wake of a passing Tupolev TU-95 bomber.

With eight sets of propellers, the TU-95 moves a lot of air, as we can see, and it also creates a ton of noise. It's said that the TU-95 is so loud, submarines can hear it.

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8. I think there's going to be some weather.

Reddit | iam4real

Sky watchers can delight even as they prepare for a downpour over Kansas. All that flat, flat land makes for some big skies, and the supercells and shelf clouds that pass through absolutely tower over the landscape.

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9. Such colors!

Reddit | gamer-moment-27

This tiny male hummingbird punches above its weight, at least in terms of vibrancy. Look at the rich, shiny reds in its plumage!

The hummingbird's mating dance must be quite the spectacle.

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10. Have you ever seen ice like this?

Reddit | PHIL-yes-PLZ

It must take juuuuuust the right temperature to make shapes like this on an ice surface.

There's something to think about as you peer at all the little triangles in the frozen surface - how slowly, piece-by-piece, this must have formed.

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11. So clean and neat.

Reddit | Porodicnostablo

You don't expect to see such a straight, sudden demarcation in a natural setting, do you? But the line between wheat and lavender in this field is quite tidy, and it seems to go on forever.

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12. Familiar, yet unfamiliar.

Reddit | AnimatorGuy1

The Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls are one of the most instantly recognizable features in the world, and yet, this isn't a view of them that you see every day.

And with the stark blue skies in the background, you could look at this for days.

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13. There's something about an abandoned place that gets you thinking.

Reddit | rahoLLC

Especially one like this, that clearly a lot of care and cash went into constructing. Look at all those windows!

And yet, it's been abandoned to nature. Makes you wonder what the story is, doesn't it?

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14. A sandy resting spot.

Reddit | BeardedGlass

In 1909, the Eduard Bohlen ran aground amid heavy fog off the coast of what is now Namibia, in an area known as the Skeleton Coast.

In the intervening years, sand blowing off the Namib Desert has extended the land a further 400 meters, making it look like the Eduard Bohlen once sailed the waves of sand dunes, not the ocean.

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15. "The clearest water in the world, Melissani Lake, Greece."

Reddit | GabrielTheSinner

I suspect there's some competition for that title - thinking of the alpine waters of Switzerland, maybe some spots in Norway or the Himalayas, for example - but Melissani Lake sure makes a great case.

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16. Speaking of the Himalayas...

Reddit | JansherMalik25

It might not look like a singular tower, but Nanga Parbat here is one of the tallest mountains in the world, reaching more than 26,000 feet above sea level.

Just imagine having that view in your back yard.

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17. Lucky shot!

Reddit | Youareyou64

The photographer couldn't have picked a much better moment to capture a pic of comet Neowise.

Not only did they get that beautiful orange glow from sunset still seeping up over the horizon, but they managed to catch the International Space Station overhead, too.

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18. Reindeer eyes change color with the seasons - a golden yellow in summer, and blue in the winter.

Reddit | Unicornglitteryblood

This photo has likely been enhanced to illustrate the effect, but it's all about how much light the eye lets in. In Arctic summers, sunlight is nearly constant, and the golden yellow color helps prevent the reindeer's eyes from being overwhelmed.

In the winter, of course, there's little to no sunlight in the Arctic, so the blue helps the reindeer's eye gather as much light as possible.

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19. Dizzying, but also pretty.

Reddit | BiffChildFromBango

If you have to build steps to get down to the water, you could do much worse than this setup, even if it is a bit confusing to figure out where the various routes take you.

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20. Can you see them all?

Even a melanistic leopard still has its spots - they're just a bit more difficult to, well, spot. This has to be one of the most mesmerizing patterns in nature.

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