11+ Satisfying Pics That Helped Us Forget All Our Worries

Are you one of these people who gets off looking at perfection? Well, I gotta say I'm like that, too. Ha, ha! There's something so satisfying about seeing these photos, isn't there?

It's like when you look at those amazing shots you realize that all is good in the universe after all. And to me, that's just something that soothes the soul. Right?

1. This Stack Of Pancakes

Imgur | DragonsCanBeBeaten

If you're a fan of pancakes, I bet you're going to freak out over this. This is a perfect stack if I've ever seen one. Now you gotta eat one ASAP. See what I did there?

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2. This Highway

Reddit | u3ffr33d0m

Sometimes it takes a bird's-eye view to really see what you're missing out on. This highway, for example, may look just ordinary from the ground. But from above, it looks like something else entirely. Am I right?

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3. These M&M's

Reddit | wwyzy

Somebody did a cool trick here using M&M's. They lined them all together and poured warm water in the middle of the dish. The way the colors melt and meet perfectly in the middle is a thing of beauty. Isn't it?

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4. This Snowball

Imgur | DragonsCanBeBeaten

I used to love having snowball fights as a kid. There's something so cool about this beloved winter activity. But I gotta admit, none of my snowballs looked as gorgeous as this one does. What about you? Did your snowballs ever look like this?

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5. This Car

Reddit | twelveinchmeatlong

Speaking of winter, how would you feel if you walked out to your car and saw this perfect, snow-covered goodness? I feel like I wouldn't want to disturb it one bit. I would just marvel at it for a while.

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6. This Tomato

Imgur | DragonsCanBeBeaten

Oh my goodness! Isn't it amazing how this tomato has grown right inside of this structure? I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this before. Talk about a lucky find here. This is worthy of a picture.

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7. This Cat Ombré Effect

Twitter | @YouHadOneJ0B

Even though I used to be more of a dog person, I'm digging cats now. So looking at the way these kitties create a seamless ombré effect is making me all giddy inside. Hee, hee!

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8. This Glass Collection

Reddit | catglaw

"Well, the 5 minutes it took to arrange my glass collection on the mantle was incredibly worth it," said this Redditor and I gotta say, I totally agree with them on this one. This looks amazing.

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9. These Spoons

Reddit | ThatBearyKid

If your job is to arrange spoons at your place of work, you've definitely got your job cut out for you. This person took it way more seriously to come up with something as soothing as this. No?

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10. This Pizza

Reddit | Meprado

Not only are the toppings on this pizza perfectly arranged, but when you take out a slice this is what happens. I feel like I've died and gone to cheese heaven here. Ha, ha! Is this making you hungry?

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11. These Hangers

Reddit | maroonedscientist

At first, I wasn't sure what I was looking at. But, then I realized these are hangers stacked together in a box. It actually reminds me of my childhood when I used to look inside a kaleidoscope. Mesmerizing.

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12. This Lotion Swirl

Imgur | DragonsCanBeBeaten

How can something so tiny bring so much happiness to oneself? Well, I for one, would feel very pleased with myself if my morning skincare routine yielded something as precious as this perfect little swirl. Ha, ha!

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13. These Blooms


If you're as big of a fan of flowers as I am, you might think these aren't even real, but I assure you they are. These are camellia japonica flowers and they're absolute perfection. I could stare at them all day long.

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I hope these pictures took you out of your hectic day and made you appreciate the little things.


They sure did that for me and more. Who needs yoga when you've got gems like these that make you forget all your worries? Huh?

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