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15+ Interesting Ideas That People Decided To Try

Ryan Ford 28 Jul 2020

There are good ideas and there are bad ideas, and it's not always clear which are which. Sometimes you just have to give an idea a go to see if it will work, and if so, how well, when put into motion.

Hey, if an idea is interesting enough, it can be hard to resist at least trying it out.

1. This guy polished up his hammer to shine like a mirror.

Reddit | mortiis4077

And not the sides of the hammer, but the face of it that's supposed to, you know, hammer into things. So, is it practical or useful? Not so much. But it sure is different.

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2. Not sure if that was expected or not.

Reddit | daremotecontrolla

But whoever shone a black light on a bunch of overripe bananas, presumably just to see what would happen. They glowed.

Turns out, it's a real, known scientific phenomenon that as chlorophyll degrades, it produces chemicals that react to ultraviolet light.

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3. I'd say this one worked out nicely.

It's perhaps not the medium everyone out there would choose, but artist Paul Richard drips out his artwork on the streets of New York City just to surprise pedestrians as they look down.

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4. Looking out for rover.

Reddit | ShaggleROC

This homeowner installed a little fountain in their front walkway just for all the local dogs to enjoy. Seems like a great way to become a must-stop for every pooch in the neighborhood when they're out for a walk.

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5. Doing double duty.

Reddit | skystonemeteorites

Not only does this unique Alien face-hugger mask provide the protection you're looking for in a mask, but it also increases the chance that everyone will give you a nice, wide berth of social distancing.

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6. You don't see that every day.

Reddit | cipqa

Usually a door doesn't need more than two hinges to open and close smoothly. Seven seems like a bit of overkill. In fact, you'd think they would be less likely to all line up nicely.

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7. You put in regular? D'oh!

Reddit | OpenMindedWheel

Some people use mnemonic devices to remind themselves of things, or make lists or tie a piece of string around their finger or put a rubber band around their wrist.

But hey, a reminder from Snake would be pretty effective too.

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8. Well, it's convenient.

Reddit | mathia53

In this cemetery, mourners don't need to bring their own candles to commemorate their loved ones by the graveside - there's a vending machine for that.

And now, that might make a vending machine for absolutely everything.

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9. That's one way to recycle.

Reddit | okilldoitagain

It's certainly not the least expensive dog house/lawn ornament you can find, and it takes some effort, but it's unique at least.

Also, I sure hope for this guy's sake that he rinsed out the cans first, otherwise that's going to smell something awful after a day in the sun.

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10. Improvise, adapt, overcome.

Reddit | kaminiki28

When they couldn't find the number 3 for a birthday cake candle, this person carved their own out of a 6. You have to admit, that's a pretty good job, and it works.

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11. I wonder if Method Man approves?

Reddit | AgentSears

See? Mnemonic devices work, especially when you get creative with them. Guaranteed folks will remember their Covid hygiene now. If not, well, it was worth a shot.

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12. I think this is technically a success.

Reddit | comerade-elmo

As in, yes, it is possible to build patio furniture out of old tires. You can even paint them up so they don't look quite so much like old tires, even though they're still definitely recognizable as old tires.

But is this chair comfy? Who knows.

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13. Curiosity satisfied.

Reddit | FiloLafro

Not sure why anybody would need to see all the wires and stuff inside their debit card, but this person got a see-through card just for that reason.

So, now we know what that looks like, I suppose.

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14. Is it vandalism, or is it an upgrade?

Reddit | EquinoxHolo

Because the sign still serves its intended purpose, right? I mean, drivers should still be aware of turtles in the area - but now, they might expect turtle royalty, so they'll be extra vigilant, one assumes.

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15. Actually, it's kinda classy.

Reddit | BandDirectorGuy

Gates aren't exactly rare or difficult to come by, so it's not clear why someone built a door into their fence instead.

Maybe it was just something they had on hand so they wouldn't have to pay for something new? But hey, I guess it still does the trick.

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16. Sometimes you have to treat yourself.

Reddit | scoobydooboy

Or at least have some fun, like the people who put together this fruit monkey.

It must be the result of either a playful spirit or intense boredom - but, either way, I don't expect to see fruit monkeys at many breakfast buffets any time soon.

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17. "My pill is a pill of pills."

Reddit | themadscientwist

We've all seen those delayed-release capsules that have tiny little balls of medication inside, but this is definitely different - full-on pills inside one of those capsules.

There must be some kind of point to it, but if nothing else, it's always easier to just take one pill than three.

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18. Dedication to a bit.

Reddit | krxxi

Someone out there really likes those classic '90s paper cups if they're willing to splash it all over their car. The nostalgia is strong with this one, and they don't care who knows it.

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19. Bet that isn't in the manual.

Reddit | regoapps

Teslas do seem like great cars that are ahead of their time, but did anyone see "picnic table in the trunk" coming?

It might not be how the car was designed, but drivers apparently found a way all the same.

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20. Honestly, they were fine as they were.

Reddit | paper_crane2018

Why does anybody need to freeze-dry a gummy worm? You lose the essential gummy-ness of them, clearly, and now they won't just fit in your pocket when you want to sneak them into a theater. So odd.

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