Totino's Is Teaming Up With Takis To Release Mozzarella Cheese Snack Bites

There was nothing quite like flying through the door after a long grueling day of learning and tossing in some Totino's pizza rolls into the microwave before even taking off your backpack.

You may be pleased to know Totino's is still kicking around, and they're giving us more reason to add them to our grocery carts as adults.

You might not have given much thought to scooping up some Totino's snack bites on your grocery trips lately, but that's all about to change.

Giphy | Totino's

You know the other iconic snack called Takis? Yeah, they just teamed up with Totino's for the ultimate match made in snack heaven.

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Totino's is releasing Takis Fuego-dusted mozzarella snack bites for our snacking pleasure.


Each bag has 60 mini snack bites and is designed to look like the Takis Fuego bags, so you might be doing a double take in the freezer aisle wondering what in tarnation rolled tortilla chips are doing in there.

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But don't be mistaken. These totally belong there, and they're even more welcomed in our homes and bellies.


According to POPSUGAR, we can expect to see this new product in grocery stores this month, so basically run to the grocery store or check if they're online at stores like Walmart to order for pickup now.

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