8+ DIY Projects That Left Us Scratching Our Heads

Who here is a fan of a good DIY? I sure am. In fact, I'm often very impressed with some of the stuff people make themselves.

Also, I love it when folks repurpose items to make something uniquely new. On the other hand, there are those times when DIY projects take an odd turn and give us something we didn't even need or want.

1. This Car Planter

Reddit | cats_and_naps

I've seen a lot of weird stuff turned into planters — things like toilets, bathtubs, and the like. But I gotta admit, I've never seen anyone do that with a car. Have you? I need to ask, why?

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2. These Tic Tac Earrings

Reddit | MirandaRamsay

I am a fan of Tic Tacs as much as the next person but I wouldn't exactly take it to this extreme. These look way too big and clunky to be earrings in the first place.

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3. This Teeth Lighter

I have no idea why somebody actually thought it would be a good project to emboss their lighter with fake teeth. I wonder what kind of reaction they get every time they go out for a smoke in a crowd.

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4. This Car A/C

Reddit | Thedepressionoftrees

My fiancé's last car's A/C busted so I definitely feel the pain of this person. Still, this is not the kind of solution I would have ever thought of. It works, sure, but good luck backing up. Ha, ha!

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5. This Microwave Mailbox

Reddit | RabiesRaisinss

Speaking of appliances found in unusual places, what's your take on this microwave mailbox? I must admit, it does look kinda cool. Right? LOL! But my question is, why the heck is it plugged in? Huh?

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6. This Wasted Solar Panel

Reddit | Findu_s

Clearly the person who installed this protective shield over their solar panel doesn't get how they actually work. You need the sun to power it up, dummy. I bet they thought they were being smart.

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8. These Cat Nip Nails

Reddit | MarsNirgal

I'm not one to jump on every latest beauty trend and I think that's actually a good thing. Case in point here: these cat nip-embellished nails are making me feel just a little bit sick.

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7. These Denim Stairs

Reddit | niko13107

I get it — some people really want to make their house stand out inside. However, covering your stairs with old jeans isn't exactly a good look. They're already looking dirty AF. This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen.

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9. This Car Remake

Reddit | bruce_forscythe

Wow, I've never seen anyone be as devoted to Liam Neeson as much as this person clearly is. I mean, to do something like this to your car borders on some kind of obsession. Doesn't it?

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10. This Shower

Reddit | heytheretoast

I understand some showers just don't pack too much power for certain people. But, that doesn't mean you should resort to what this person did instead. I think this is a tad overkill. Don't you think? Ha, ha!

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11. These Picture Frames

Reddit | i_am_chewbacca

Here's a person who definitely doesn't like to lose any wall space in their house. That's why they came up with a brilliant idea to create picture frames curved for a wall corner like this. Wow.

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12. This Tape Shelf

Reddit | PhallusSea

This was one dad's idea for a smart lifehack. Needless to say, his wife wasn't as thrilled with this idea as he obviously was. Good luck peeling off all that tape, buddy. Am I right?

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13. This Mixer Lamp

Reddit | Laprasnomore

I'm a fan of my Kitchen Aid mixer as much as the next gal but turning it into a lamp wouldn't be my first choice for a DIY. I just don't get the purpose of it.

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14. These Doll Planters

Reddit | btveron

Are these not the creepiest planters you have ever seen? I could see using them as Halloween decorations, but other than that, I would not want these in my home. Yikes!

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Holy crap! How odd and hilarious were these?


I mean, what were these folks thinking? And better yet, why didn't somebody stop them from doing it? Ha, ha! Sometimes an idea may seem right in your head but in reality, it just sucks.

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