9+ People Who Opted For A Bold Neck Tattoo Design

There are certain body parts that are perfect vehicles for tattoos. You've got the calf, the arm, the leg, and the back for example.

But there's one body part that can showcase the right tattoo in the most interesting way and that's the neck. This very delicate area isn't exactly for the faintest of heart. But if you're brave, here are some amazing ideas.

1. This Flower

What an interesting way to change up the old fashioned flower tattoo. This design that wraps around the neck is so different, isn't it? I think it's beautifully done in a soft and subtle way. It's an unusual take on a neck tattoo.

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2. This Rose

Speaking of flowers, here's a much more simple neck tattoo idea. I like that it's just tucked in behind the ear. If I ever wanted a neck tattoo, this is the kind of piece I would consider.

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3. This Snake Choker

I was a big fan of chokers back in the day, ha, ha! Were you a fan too? But even I wouldn't dare to get a permanent choker tattoo like this one. I definitely dig the idea, but it's not for me.

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4. This Butterfly

Not every guy needs to get a menacing neck tattoo. Right? This gentleman opted for a simple butterfly that landed straight on his neck. I think it's a pretty cool piece. What do you think of it?

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5. This Illusion Piece

On the other hand, if you do want to go bold, get a load of this. This illusion-style tattoo is so mesmerizing to look at. I'm really impressed with this type of work.

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6. This Whimsical Tattoo

I'm such a huge fan of whimsical tattoos. I think they're just so much fun and they take me back to my childhood. This is such a cool neck tattoo idea I could definitely get on board with.

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7. This Depth Tattoo

Oh my! I don't think I've ever seen a concept as cool as this tattoo. Not only does it fit so well as a neck tattoo but it really does take you to another place. Right?

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8. This Spider Web

Speaking of skin commitment, this is another stellar piece. I can't get over the detail of this design here. I feel like I'm looking at an actual spider web and the creepy crawler himself. This is too real.

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9. This Lion

I'm such a huge fan of lion tattoos, perhaps because I'm a Leo — I gotta stick with my kind, right? Ha, ha! So this fierce-looking lion here is totally blowing me away. What an awesome neck tattoo piece.

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10. This Intricate Design

Wow, talk about an impressive tattoo design here. This is definitely something else. I've gotta admit, this is one of the most unusual neck tattoo ideas I've ever seen. Kudos to this lady for being bold enough to get it.

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11. This Eye Design

Instagram | @stylecraze4

Oh, how cool is this eye tattoo? I'm so intrigued by it. Even though this isn't an overly complicated design I think it still stands out. This is something I would definitely consider getting at the back of my neck.

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12. This Medusa Tat

If you ever wanted to get mesmerized by a Medusa, this neck tattoo idea might be right up your alley. Wow, I love the detail on it. It's both beautiful and scary at the same time.

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13. This Blue Jay

Are you an avid bird watcher? I've gotta admit, I like to watch the little guys from time to time. So, I'm totally digging this awesome and colorful blue jay neck tattoo. I adore how vibrant it is. It's simply stunning.

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14. This Dot Tattoo

How cool is this black and white dot-style neck tattoo? I wouldn't have thought of this type of design but I've gotta say, it's growing on me. The neck might just be the perfect spot for it.

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15. This Leaf And Twig Design

They say "go bold or go home" but I say, you don't have to, ha, ha! You can also get a simple yet pretty design like this one. I've always wanted to get a tattoo in this very spot.

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16. This Sinister Piece

Apparently, this tattoo is called "satanic whispers." Whoa, that's quite sinister if you ask me. But even with its dark name, this is a very interesting design. If you're into that kind of thing then just go for it.

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17. This Flower Tattoo

How pretty is this black and white flower tattoo? I really like the positioning of it here. I think it works quite well as a neck tattoo idea. Don't you think so, too? It's a pretty bold design, that's for sure.

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18. This Interesting Design

I'm such a fan of these tattoo designs. I find them really cool and interesting. I've seen most of them in color but this is a great black and white rendition. I really like this piece.

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19. This Elaborate Design

Wow, talk about making a bold statement with this neck piece. Am I right? This guy looks like he means business, ha, ha! I would be slightly cautious approaching somebody with a neck tattoo like this one.

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20. This Honeycomb Design

Talk about some skin commitment here. This simple yet intricate neck tattoo idea is a sure way to stand out of the crowd. I dunno if it's something I would ever go for, but it's so interesting to look at.

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I know neck tattoos may have a bad rap but they don't have to.

Giphy | Needles & Pins

As you can see, there are plenty of designs you can choose from. You can go as subtle as you wish or as bold as you want.

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