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15+ Weird Pics That Left Us Searching For Answers

Ryan Ford 29 Jul 2020

When we look for proof and certainty in many matters, we'll often put extra weight on having photographic evidence. It's generally reliable, right? Pics or it didn't happen!

But how about the questions that pics beg of us? Even when we're presented with photo evidence of a thing, that doesn't clear absolutely everything up. Sometimes, a super weird pic just leaves us searching for answers as the ones below do.

1. Is this the taste sensation that will sweep the nation?

Reddit | jsmoove8701

You've heard of deep-fried candy bars or pickles, right? Well, for the record, this is a cotton candy-wrapped dill pickle on a stick.

I guess some folks love a good sweet-salty blend but I'm really not sure this fits that bill.

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2. Who approved this?

Reddit | aTerrariaExpert

Okay, it's not like it's a big secret that, at a certain age, kids don't like getting their hair cut. It's a battle. But what kind of ad actually wants to bring that to mind?

Side note: "We cut kids" is perhaps not the slogan you want to go with, either.

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3. Better than coffee to wake you up in the morning.

Reddit | guactheline

It's just a cat, standing on its hind legs as cats are wont to do. The shave job that left its head and paws fluffy is just the cherry on the terrifying sundae.

Why do cats have to be like this? The worst part is that it's probably a perfectly normal, cuddly cat the rest of the day, too.

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4. How many moving violations is this?

Reddit | rockystl

Maybe just one, for all I know, but it's still another level of unsafe like I've never seen before.

Seriously, who thinks this is a good idea? Is the bus driver trying to get fired or something?

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5. What nightmare is this?

Reddit | kiwi_smash

Okay, we do have an answer for that one: it's a decaying cactus. Not sure that helps matters all that much, however.

It's still exactly the sort of thing that can haunt your dreams.

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6. But why though?

Reddit | MarijAWanna

Someone set up one of those wacky inflatable waving tube men in this field. Maybe it's some sort of modern day scarecrow?

If so, it sure seems like an expensive, impractical, and just plain weird replacement.

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7. Are...are those fish?

Reddit | obafu

Because they sure look like fish. Inside a headlight. So not only is it nonsense that won't help your ride, but it's actually a crappy thing to do to a couple of fish. Bravo.

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8. What's that doing there?

Reddit | neefa

I have had my share of dental adventures that were no fun. Having all four wisdom teeth come in impacted was not something I'd recommend to anyone.

But how the heck does a tooth wander all the way down there? That's a new one.

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9. I guess you're never without a handle?

Reddit | AlexNoru

It sure is creative to make a mug with what is most likely six handles on it. You're never at a bad angle to grab it!

But I'm still at a loss as to why anyone would make this.

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10. How distracting would these frames be?

Reddit | WalmartFlipFlop

As a long-time glasses wearer, I won't pretend that you don't notice your frames. You absolutely do.

And yes, you do get used to them over time. But I sure don't get why you'd want mismatched shapes over each eye.

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11. Ever seen a beer can like this?

Reddit | Law_Doge

Apparently, some roofers discovered this weird stubby Budweiser can while doing some work, not that that explains much.

When did the good folks at Anheuser-Busch decide to start selling beer in such wee fat cans? Because they sure didn't last long.

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12. Who knew frogs could be this small?

Reddit | SweetTeaShirt

I knew they could be tiny little things but I never would have expected that they could be smaller than even a mosquito. Usually they eat mosquitoes, don't they?

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13. Maybe it's time for a new pot?

Reddit | mr_toothpaste

Even when you're well aware that life will find a way and adapt to plenty of situations, it's still a bit surprising to see a houseplant that has sent tendrils out to get a drink from a nearby watering can.

Pretty impressive. How do they do that?

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14. What's up with this?

Reddit | talithadraven

Just when you thought sea shells were supposed to be all smooth from the time they spend under the waves, this thing pops up, all sharp and spiky.

Who knew they could be like that?

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15. Why?

Reddit | qeuie

Really, just why? Why would a builder put the urinal in the stall and not the toilet?

And why would anyone sign off on that work? This isn't going to make anybody happy.

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16. Is this really necessary?

Reddit | chickadichina

Don't get me wrong, I love a good robot as much as the next nerd but naming the bots at Walmart and going so far as to give the thing its own name tag is a bit much, amirite?

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17. Is that how it's supposed to look?

Reddit | smilodonrc

This, apparently, is a romaine lettuce plant. I've seen plenty of romaine at the grocery store, even bought and eaten some on occasion but this is not how I would have thought it grew.

Doesn't look like lettuce at all.

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18. Okay, I'm impressed.

Reddit | NiQ_SalaT

"Guy ate 60 scoops of ice cream," the uploader of this pic wrote. I guess that means they stuck around to watch?

I wonder what that was like. Maybe sort of like the egg eating scene from Cool Hand Luke, only with more brain freeze?

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19. Time for a new knife, perhaps?

Reddit | Ciszevskyy

The commitment to getting your money's worth and not contributing to more waste in the world is certainly admirable but there's a limit.

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20. What was the plan, for real?

Reddit | Svenskens

Apparently, somebody stole this car and gave it a fresh paint job that was not quite up to the Grand Theft Auto pay 'n' spray standards.

I mean, really, it just stands out that much more when you give it a custom paint job like this.

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