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You Can Get Strawberry Starburst Sorbet Bars To Satisfy Sweet Summer Cravings

When it comes to Starburst flavor rankings, the strawberry flavor, aka the pink Starburst, reigns supreme. Of course, followed closely by cherry, then orange, and then lemon (I will not be taking any other arguments right now. Thank you for your time and understanding).

You can also enjoy the sweet strawberry treat in sorbet bar form, and it definitely has our attention.

Instagrammer @snackgator recently brought these Starburst Sorbet Bars to our attention.

Instagram | @snackgator

If you recognize these, then you know they're nothing new. They were actually released in 2014, but they definitely deserve our undivided attention six years later.

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The sorbet bars look like a giant Starburst candy on a stick, and they're apparently really good.

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So much so, it's often difficult for people to eat just one!

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These seem to be a rare gem, constantly in and out of production with inconsistent release schedules, so when you find them, it's super exhilarating.


While they don't seem to sell the four-packs anymore, check out your local Dollar Tree for single packs.

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