Baker Brings Popular Movie Scenes To Life With Her Cake Designs

I've always said that baking is an art form not many people have down to a tee. I'm definitely not one of them, ha, ha! But baking is not just about making a cake, it's also about decorating.

Some people seem to have a natural knack for it and it truly shows in their amazing creations. The same can be said of cake artist Deepa Mathan.

This Canadian baker is truly a wizard when it comes to cake decorating.

Her creations are so spectacular I'm devoting a whole article to her. She specializes in making characters from movies and cartoons that look so real it's hard to believe they are actually cake.

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Can you believe the detail in this 'Lion King'-inspired cake?

I gotta admit, I'm pretty blown away by it. This looks so much different than any other Disney-inspired cakes I've ever seen. Deepa's craftsmanship is truly stunning here. Don't you think?

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Talk about having your mind blown. Get a load of this 'Transformers' cake. OMG!

This is so intricate I can't even believe it's a cake. Ha, ha! I dunno if I would even want to eat it, it's that amazing. Right?

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And how about this 'Moana' stunner here?

Isn't this gorgeous to boot? This cake looks just like a painting. I bet this took a very long time to perfect. But in the end, whoever gets this amazing cake is going to love it.

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What do you think of Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast'?

I think she looks just as beautiful as in the Disney movie, if not better. I love how Deepa created such amazing layers to Belle's dress. It's absolutely beautiful work.

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This 'Frozen' cake is bound to melt your heart.

I bet any little girl would be so lucky to get a mesmerizing cake like this one. This is just like a work of art. Deepa made Elsa come to life here.

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If you're a fan of the classics, you'll absolutely adore this 'Winne the Pooh' design.

Doesn't it look just like the book? I would love to get this and put it somewhere safe so I can stare at it all day, ha, ha!

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This 'Aladdin-inspired cake is just as magical as the story itself.

I think Deepa captures Princess Jasmine perfectly here. I think any child who gets this sweet cake for her birthday will remember it forever. I know I would, indeed.

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Do you feel like you've stepped into the wonderful world of Disney here? I sure do.

This Little Mermaid Ariel cake is so fancy-looking. It definitely makes me miss the ocean and its chill vibes. Take me there right now, please.

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Step into the dark side with this incredible 'Maleficent' cake.

OMG, this looks just like Angelina Jolie. Doesn't it? I think even Angie herself would appreciate this spectacular design. Whoever ended up with this amazing cake was truly a lucky one.

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This 'Alice in Wonderland' cake is giving me all the good feels here.

There is so much going on here just like in the story. I dunno where to focus my eyes on. It's all so elaborate and gorgeous at the same time.

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I remember watching 'Snow White' as a kid quite a few times.

I was always so fascinated with the dwarfs. Deepa captured the essence of this story so beautifully here. The detail on this cake is absolutely out of this world.

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And finally, this 'Up' cake is nothing short of inspired.

Instagram | @springbloomcakes

Wow! The colors and characters from this Pixar movie are captured perfectly here. I especially like all the 3D details and textures that went into this design.

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Words cannot express how impressed I am by this talented lady's work.


Her designs are absolutely stunning. I would be so happy to get one of her cakes. It would be hard to eat them though, I gotta admit. I'm truly wowed.

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