Woman Upcycles Thrift Store Clothing Into Chic, Modern Styles

Brittany Rae 31 Jul 2020

Is there anything cooler than seeing something thrifted go from drab to fab? No, no there is not. Thank you for agreeing with me.

The REFASHIONISTA, Jillian Owens, might just be the queen of upcycling thrift store fashion. She runs an incredibly successful blog of the same name, has 15,000+ followers on Instagram, and has the talent to back all of that up.

Meet Jillian.

And meet Jillian's creations! She turned what I can only assume was a women's sailing costume into a super chic poolside top. How fitting would that look at a country club?

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This ModCloth knockoff looks exactly like the real thing.

She loved the look of a ModCloth dress, but not the price. So she dug into her vast repository of thrifted dresses and found one she could turn into a knockoff! It looks incredible.

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She doesn't limit herself to sewing, either.

She's an expert dyer! This sweet summer dress got a purple upgrade, and it looks like a total dream. That shade of purple is to die for!

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Goodbye, frumpy dress.

Hello, cute, tailored moment! She cut down that massive collar and trimmed up the sleeves, which left her with a cute, conservative dress that would be ideal for sipping cocktails in.

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Idk why, but this is just so New York chic to me.

Apparently, this dress started life as a fake two-piece dress from the '90s. She flipped it upside down and sewed a whole new dress out of it!

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We have to talk about this transformation.

That dress? Frumpy. That top? So trendy! She kept the waistline hem, which I am super grateful for. That shirt is perfect for a hot summer day.

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I can't believe this is the same dress!

That just goes to show you how far hemming and dye can go! This silk dress was carefully dyed and then given a whole new patterned hem.

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This new dress is such a '20s dream.

It was definitely frumpy before, but removing that collar immediately made it more chic! Adding the lace on the shoulder and changing up those buttons created such a great look.

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Honestly, that blazer works either way.

But it definitely looks amazing when tailored specifically for Jillian! I love the addition of the pointed hemline along the bottom, it really adds a modern twist to the blazer.

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This sweater is actually made of two different sweaters!

One is that frankly incredible sweater vest that I could totally see Ariana Grande rocking in 2019. The other is a cute (but stained) white sweater. Now they'll be together forever!

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This T-shirt has the cutest neckline!

I love that she turned what is basically a T-shirt dress into a full-on T-shirt! The hem is great, but that neckline is so unique and fun!

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A smart jacket is always a good thing to have in your wardrobe.

And this one has a really cool pattern on it! The oversized dress had to go, but let's just take a minute to mourn a dress that actually had pockets.

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This dress got a peak-a-boo back!

When her honeymoon was cut short, Jillian found a lot of time to upcycle. She turned a very outdated dress into a fresh, airy shirt perfect for showing off cute sports bras!

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Hello, romper!

That dress had definitely seen better days. Its new life as a chic romper? I'm obsessed! There's something so effortless and stylish about a romper, you know? And pairing it with tights was inspired.

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