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Couple Lives In A Renovated School Bus With Their Two Children And Pet Dog

Brittany Rae 31 Jul 2020

Believe it or not, bus life is on the rise. People everywhere are giving up their roots and taking life on the road, and it honestly looks like a ton of fun.

One couple took bus life to another level when they decided to take their entire family on the road.

Meet Ian and Hannah, aka #Hanzian.

In an interview with Business Insider, they revealed they hadn't considered bus life until 2016. Their lease was running out on their townhome, and they were ready to own something.

Unfortunately, as you know, modern real estate prices are nothing short of a nightmare.

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Enter their bus.

She's a 1991 school bus, and she is...perfect. They bought the bus in 2017 after paying off all their debts.

At the time, they were childless, so they took on renovations with a vigor!

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It took a year and a half to renovate the bus.

But wow, was it worth it. Their bus (or Skoolie, as they're called in the bus-to-home community) is now a true home on wheels. Let's take a tour!

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The kitchen is an interior designer's dream.

It's usable, stylish, and pint-size! They're currently in the middle of renovating the couch area, since they have a new addition in their family — but we'll get there.

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The new flooring is STUNNING.

You truly can't go wrong with hexagon marble tiles, in my opinion. Their bus is a constant work in progress, so they never consider it to be fully done. It's an ever-evolving project!

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Their bedroom area has a convenient and stunning bassinet for their new baby!

Atlas arrived in June 2020! They put a hanging bassinet next to their bed and hoped he would take to it, which he immediately did.

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Their daughter, Nora, sleeps across from Atlas.

She has a little crib in their bedroom area! They've kept the back area of the bus open to allow for expansion in their family, since they don't know how long they'll be in the bus for! However, the bus isn't their forever home.

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It's not always glamorous, of course.

It's important to them to show off what bus life is really like, and sometimes it's messy. Then again, aren't all our lives super messy from time to time?

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I'm sure this is something we've all been wondering about.

The bathroom! It has a composting toilet and an Ikea sink in the main toilet area. They bathe their kids in the kitchen's farmhouse sink, since it's bigger!

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Then, there's the shower area!

Honestly, I'm kinda floored. Not only does this shower look cozy, it literally looks better than my shower. And I live in an apartment. I gotta go think about some stuff.

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The kids get strapped in when the bus is in motion.

Look how cute they are! To get the bus ready to move, they have to take decor items and anything breakable down and stuck them away safely. Then the babies get buckled in and ready to go!

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They also have a to-go gym!

They keep fitness equipment stored in the trunk and pull it out as necessary. They try to work out wherever their parked, which can include Walmart parking lots!

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Everything inside is powered by solar power!

Now that's an investment that will never stop paying off. They're mounted on the top of the bus and power everything inside!

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Of course, we can't forget one important member of their family...

Girlie the tiny dog! She gets her baths in the same place the kids do, because she's a cute little princess. #Hanzian sure have their hands (and bus) full, but they're clearly happy and fulfilled!

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