Quotes For People Who Bleed Coffee

Amy Pilkington 31 Jul 2020

Growing up, I used to be one of those morning people who woke up without an alarm clock, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to be gosh darn productive.

Now I kind of hate those people. Sure, I’m still technically a morning person. I do my best work before 10 AM and a movie screening after 8 PM is out of the question, but it takes a bit of extra fuel to get me up and going now.

And two separate alarm clocks.

And coffee. Always, coffee.

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For a while I had a really bad coffee habit, partially due to it being free and plentiful at an otherwise less-than-stimulating office job. A good day meant only having two cups of coffee before graduating to soda for the afternoon.

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A rough day meant I was refilling my mug so regularly that I could set my watch by it.

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Once I switched careers, I found that I didn’t need the java to stay alert in the same way, but by then I was well and truly addicted to the caffeine.

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It was a slow process to wean myself back down to an average of one cup of coffee per day.

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Now I only go back for a second round on days when I didn’t sleep well or I’m particularly stressed out, but I have to drink the first cup. If I don’t, I get a withdrawal headache.

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Which sounds insane, but we all have to be reminded sometimes that caffeine is a legitimate addiction and should be consumed in moderation.

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Not enough people acknowledge that regularly or go out of their way to avoid the truth of the matter entirely.

Not that I would ever tell someone to quit drinking it entirely — though if your doctor says you should for individual medical reasons, you should — but, you know, moderation is a good habit to be in.

One cup of really good quality coffee is a treat. Four cups of burnt java just for the hit of caffeine is perhaps something to worry about.

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