12+ Dramatic Hair Transformations That Made All The Difference

Lex Gabrielle 31 Jul 2020

Everyone loves getting their hair done. A new cut and color always gives us a newfound boost of self-esteem. Sometimes, when we're feeling down, we really need to switch things up for ourselves. Going from really long to super short, or even changing the color of our hair entirely can make a huge difference. Whatever we decide, a hair transformation can make us all feel brand new.

1. This transformation is insane, in a good way.

It took eight long hours of hard, careful work but it was worth it in every way. This look dramatically changed from black to a gray ombré. If you're thinking of going from dark to light, be sure to deep condition!

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2. Woah, what a fresh look!

That natural curl is to die for, but this red pixie cut is stunning. The layers compliment her profile greatly and it shows off her gorgeous neck and collarbone.

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3. What a stunning blonde.

From dark, natural hair to this platinum blonde. While it's hard to go from dark to light, you have to also ensure you care for it right. Use cold water, a deep conditioner, and no heated styling tools!

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4. Those dark roots had to go.

The blonde ombré look seemed to have grown out and it was definitely old. But, taking that old dye and bringing it down, plus adding the purple? Wow! What a stunning outcome.

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5. Everyone wants to go pastel, but it's a step-by-step process.

Guy Tang, a prominent hairstylist on Instagram, showcases that if anyone wants to get pastel colors, they have to go extremely light first. Bleaching the hair lifts up to 9 levels before using the pastel coloring.

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6. Now I want to chop all of my hair off, too!

This woman was starting to lose some of her hair, so she opted for a shorter, more pixie-like cut. And, let's just talk about this color! I can't get over it.

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7. This lighter color is bringing a whole new glow to her face.

This balayage and ombré look took her hair from worn out and tired to glowing and fierce. Not to mention her natural makeup makes her face glow, too.

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8. Cool, ashy blonde is worth it.

This color is hair goals, for sure. But, it's not attainable at home from a box. Find the right salon that does the color transfer you like to get results like this.

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9. Color goals!

Those ends looked a bit fried before, but this pixie cut looks like it was made for her face and style. Not to mention this color is excellent. What an amazing transformation!

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10. Some women go from bright and bold to something more natural.

This pink color is bright and bold, but this blonde is glowing, too. The cut is perfect for her face and the color makes her look bright and youthful.

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11. She should always keep this pixie cut.

Some girls want to grow their hair long, while others want to chop it all off. This girl should have gone with the pixie a long, long time ago if you ask me.

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12. Lockdown was hard on all of our hair.

Some of us were at our wit's end during quarantine as all of the hair salons were closed. But, now with salons open, we can go for that short purple hair we always wanted.

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13. Perfection. Absolute perfection.

The last thing we all want is brassy, orange hair coloring. Instead, this cool, ashy blonde ombré is what we want. It's stunning, professional, and flawless!

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14. Drastic changes can be good!

Not only did she go completely short, but she went blonde, too. I love this new look. It brings out a glow and her beautiful cheekbones, too!

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