Quotes For When You’ve Hit Snooze For The Fifth Time

Amy Pilkington 31 Jul 2020

On a work day, my first alarm is set for 5:30. If I actually get up, I will have plenty of time to casually make coffee, get myself cleaned up, and even read for a bit before I need to settle down and get some work done.

Admittedly, I follow that first alarm’s advice only, like, ten percent of the time. More often, I tell it to shut up — literally, since it’s voice-activated — and roll back over to doze until the last possible minute.

I have to be really careful, though, since I also have two dogs.

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If I push getting out of bed too late, then I’m stuck launching myself out from under the covers to race a pupper’s bladder to the back door. Eventually, their little bodies just can’t hold it anymore.

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It’s just that the older I get, the harder it becomes to force my bones to get moving in the morning.

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By the time that alarm sounds, my muscles are all relaxed and I’m cozy under the duvet, and getting up seriously ruins the zen.

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As someone with chronic hand pain, that few minutes in the morning are bliss.

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It’s the only time when my hands have properly relaxed and all the strain of the day before has been washed away. The achy process begins again as soon as I bend my fingers for the first time.

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I still sort of wish I could get up a little bit earlier, if only for the reading time.

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That half an hour with a dog snoring on my lap and a coffee mug in my free hand is a bliss that I really should make an effort to achieve more often.

But those people who make the effort to get up and work out? Those people are crazy.

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