14+ Brilliant Ideas That Made It To Real Life

Every major innovation and shift in society started as a simple thought. A very basic idea that was fleshed further outwards until it became an integral part of our lives.

There's no saying where the ideas in this list will go next, but the fact that they made it to the real world is a feat within itself!

1. "I work for the railway and found this Gatorade carton in near mint condition in a tunnel. Date on the top says June 16, 1988."

Reddit | shesgreasy

Seeing as Gatorade only seems to come in those giant clunky bottles now, this is product that could be brought back!

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2. "My dad got a a periodic table with the actual [elements] in it."


Aw come on, the best ones aren't even in there! What a bummer.

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3. "I covered a door in mirror paper squares and now it looks almost like some sort of portal."

Reddit | SketchySandwich

It looks like it would ripple if you touched it, which is a little too trippy for my taste.

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4. "This van has rock climbing holds instead of a ladder."

Reddit | I_am_also_a_Walrus

This is really genius. Less cumbersome than a ladder, and way cooler too.

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5. "I carved a pillow out of wood."

Reddit | Satchmocoltrane

I'm upset by how genuinely soft this looks. I want to lay my head on it but I know I can't, I shouldn't.

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6. "I saw a truck bed made out of old wood rulers."

Reddit | mountainsandrocks

This rules! No? Okay, sorry. Regardless, it's a very neat way of recycling, and gives the truck a unique feature!

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7. "This coffee cup from a Paris-themed cafe chain in Seoul."

Reddit | ZaphodTheNothingth

It's not only cute, but according to the cup itself, it's SO HOT! I'm glad it has that kind of self-confidence.

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8. "90s cup car I saw tonight."

Reddit | krxxi

Some consider this dixie cup pattern tacky by now, but that's exactly why I love it. I hope it never goes out of style.

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9. "My milk has good advice printed on the side."

Reddit | PancakePie37

The knowledge that someone had the cute idea of printing nice things on the carton is so heartwarming. Even more so to know that it actually happened!

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10. "Truck with third row seating."

Reddit | gingernip36

An interesting custom job for sure, for when you need a minivan but want a truck.

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11. List Item #11

Reddit | Linus117

Our phones have it, why shouldn't our computers? I think emojis are super cute, and having easy access to them would make my life a lot easier.

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12. "A list of sensitive subjects and their location so you don’t have to ask the librarian."

Reddit | rpf0231

I think this is one of the smartest ideas on this list. These are hard subjects to bring up to a stranger, and most people don't know the Dewey decimal system. Kudos to the library that has this sign!

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13. "Guy ate 60 scoops of ice cream."

Reddit | NiQ_SalaT

I'm more curious about why that's a menu option. They have custom cones for it and everything. Why do you let people do this, ice cream parlor?

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14. "This 3D manhole cover in my hometown."

Reddit | Hucufurus

Covers the hole and there's no risk of tripping! If only all city works could be as simple and effective as this.

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15. "Minneapolis has a chemical-free public pool. It is filtered with aquatic plants."

Reddit | MurphShoots

This pool is called the Weber pool, meant to mimic a lake environment! I'd much rather swim in something like this than a chlorine pool.

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16. "This gum comes with a miniature blank paper book so you can throw out your gum easily after you chew it."

Reddit | FadeOfWolf

Finally, the days of awkwardly chewing long after it's gone tough because I haven't come across a garbage can are over.

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17. "This Coke bottle with an entirely round bottom."

Reddit | steggisaurus

I really did research this and try to find its purpose, totally forgetting that it's likely just a production error that was sold as a defect. Cool get, but good luck storing it.

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18. "Carpet Patterned Street."

Reddit | serdarist

This is such a smart and beautiful way to brighten up a standard city street, I adore it!

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19. "My hot sauce has recommendations on what to try it on. One option is a dinosaur."

Reddit | madison49

That suggests that the maker of this sauce has tried it on a dinosaur to confirm that it's good. What are your secrets, hot sauce company?

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20. "Argentina —> Thailand —> USA. These pears took two trips across the Pacific Ocean before I ate them."

Reddit | jan_levinson-gould0

I think tracking food and knowing where it comes from has become a lot more important to people these past few years, so encouraging it with packaging like this is a great move!

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