15+ Insane Pics That Made Us Feel Like Our Brains Were Scrambled

August 10, 2020

A photograph, in theory, shows it all, capturing whatever was in frame when the shutter was clicked.

That said, photos don't always give you a proper sense of perspective and it's not like you can go into them to switch the angles around to see what's actually going on. Sometimes the effect is so strong that it feels like your brain is broken.

Love in the time of nuclear fallout.

Reddit | deafis

That thing in the background is just a big, rocky mountain that's been brilliantly lit up by the setting sun, right? Because the only alternative is that it's some kind of horrific explosion.

Don't kick it.

Reddit | cozyhighway

A soccer ball is the kind of thing you might see from a distance, then run up and kick it. This pic shows that it's always best to verify that it is a soccer ball before trying this.

ALF's big comeback.

Reddit | SalazarRED

It only takes a second glance to realize that the woman on the right is just looking down at her phone but at first I could have sworn it was ALF wearing sunglasses.


Reddit | spicyboisinc

This looks like too nice a lady to actually reach out and casually jam her thumb in this poor mule's eye socket so I'm going to conclude that this is a trick of the camera's perspective.

Giant head, tiny body.

Reddit | MassGootz

You'd think on-camera personalities would know not to wear clothes like this.

Like, even if the dark color on her shirt was just a little lighter, the effect wouldn't be nearly as weird.

Kayaking at 30,000 feet.

Reddit | rataktaktaruken

When you're canoeing or kayaking in crystal clear water, it can really feel like you're flying far above the landscape below. This pic captures that weird sensation brilliantly.

Bad Photoshop.

Reddit | 07Stocka

This is an undoctored photo but it looks exactly like the kind of pic someone with no Photoshop skill would whip up to make their friend feel included.

Curvy dude.

Reddit | admiralwan

I love pics like this. They go to show you that if you pose for a pic as part of a pile of people, it'll be really hard to figure out whose legs belong to whom.


Reddit | woweewow

The dog here seems entirely unperturbed, and maybe even excited, by the fact that a second dog is currently morphing right through its midsection.


Reddit | mehrajsaqib

Apparently, this nightmarish collection of limbs is actually a photo of two people holding a mirror. After staring at it for five minutes, I still don't get it.

Giraffe dog.

Reddit | KickMurderSquad

Groups of dogs can make for some weird-looking photos (stay tuned until later in this list!) and here's a great example. Having a giraffe neck would be a definite evolutionary advantage for a doggo.

Big man on campus.

Reddit | KickMurderSquad

I'm pretty sure the dude on the right is actually high up in the air, holding kind of a weird pose for jumping. The dude on the left? He's probably just three feet tall.

This is one picture.

Reddit | Wolfgore777

I think I've pieced this one together but it's still a weird one. It looks like four photos have been loosely stitched together but it actually shows one uninterrupted landscape.

Building still rendering.

Reddit | predisapointt

It's a shame that the architects and construction crews combined to make one wall of an attractive building, then declined to go back and build the rest of it.

Empty or full?

Reddit | fxsparrow

This cup is brimming with coffee. Or maybe it's empty. I'm getting real "is the dress gold and white or blue and black?" vibes from the colors in this pic.

Floaty fence.

Reddit | Wes_Rivermaster

There's a section of fence in this photo that's so eager to be loaded into the truck that it appears to be straight-up levitating a foot or two off the ground.

If the moon had rings.

Reddit | Le_Lotus_bleu

This is an absolutely gorgeous photo and also gives us an idea of what things might look like if our moon had rings...or if Saturn was a whole lot closer.

No wonder they're so agitated.

Reddit | LaiqTheMaia

I think we can all agree that there are two dog bodies in this pic but I don't know if it's possible to conclusively figure out what else is going on.

Jump in!

Reddit | gorgonzola_01

This is a snorkeler holding something fuzzy on her hand. It isn't a giant snorkeler watching a tiny man jump into the water. At least I think that's what's going on.

A split second.

Reddit | TheGamingMethodist

This photo really makes water, which is a fluid substance, look like it's almost a rigid blanket or something. Of course, a pic taken half a second later would look entirely different.

Also that's apparently a rock and not a frog.