12+ Terrible Designs That Should Have Never Existed In The First Place

Brittany Rae 31 Aug 2020

There are few things more fun to dunk on than bad designs, you know? We definitely love to lift up good designs, don't get me wrong — I've written tons of articles on clever designs!

But there's just something so satisfying about sitting down and really roasting the heck out of some frankly terrible decisions people made in the name of design. Let's do this.

1. This enrages me.

Reddit | Jinaman

There's something so viscerally infuriating about a poorly designed bathroom. Whoever framed that thing out and thought "Eh, that'll work" should be forced to have their own toilet paper kept in their shower. Permanently.

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2. Why wouldn't you face them forward?!

Reddit | 1moretr4sh

Just...just do like three really steep stairs. I don't know anything about real estate, so I'm guessing maybe the stairs weren't allowed to touch the property line? Either way, BOOOOO.

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3. Why would you leave the doors?!

Reddit | Skooma3479-

RIP to whatever balcony used to be there. It just kills me that they left the doors there, complete with doorknobs and red paint. Actually, the thing I'm judging most is the red paint, tbh. That's a lot of dark tones on one house.

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4. Oh, bless.

Reddit | irrelevantthroww

I guess this poster could communicate two very different moods: jubilation over a job well done, or anger over a job poorly done.

You nailed/screwed it — choose your own adventure!

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5. That's hateful.

Reddit | lonehorseee

The store should pay YOU to eat that thing, tbh. The sheer disappointment of opening a sandwich and seeing that is the epitome of a lunch bag letdown.

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6. This is the opposite of accessible.

Reddit | YaBoiJasper

The braille on both buttons is the exact same. Now how are you gonna design buttons that serve two totally different purposes like that? Embarrassing.

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7. This is peak company stupidity.

The car can't be started without cell reception. And wait, it gets worse! Here's how it ended:

"[They] told us to sleep in our car on the side of the road and try again in the morning we called a tow truck on our own and made it back to our Airbnb. TBD on whether I’ll be refunded for this."

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8. Finally, a beauty standard Elastigirl can achieve.


It's crazy because I was just thinking the other day about how I would only buy lingerie if it were on a mannequin that looked like she was being stretched into infinity.

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9. Whoever did this is a whole clown.

Reddit | thetinyTMster

"Was locked out of the job site till I figured out the combination lines up at the top instead of the middle like every other lock on the planet."

That's insane. There are some designs that should just follow the mold, you know?

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Reddit | u/muurilin

"My uncle's house got a bathroom without a door, literally the first thing you see when you enter the house."

I cannot imagine buying a house like that, let alone just leaving it that way. Goodbye.

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11. To be fair, these glasses accurately reflect how long 2020 has been so far.

Reddit | Nunex97

It's a never-ending nightmare that none of us will ever escape! We'll just be caught in an infinite loop of the last year until we finally scream.

Okay. I'm good now. I got the doom and gloom out. Seriously, though, these glasses confuse me.

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12. Do not do this in your car.

Reddit | colorfl0

I don't know who needs to hear this, but you do not need a massage in your car. You barely need one when getting a pedicure because everyone knows those chairs always suck.

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13. Bro...

Reddit | Gavinrony

"My landlord decided to put a cabinet over the toilet flushing button, so I have to jam my hand underneath the wood to flush every time."

I'm gonna need that landlord to a) explain and b) fix that cabinet. That's unacceptable wear on there.

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14. I need to know why this happened.

Reddi | Lord_neah

I'd call Photoshop but apparently, it really does exist and people really do try to go up the left side. I don't blame them tbh. I blame the dummy who designed these.

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15. There are question marks above my head right now.

Reddit | Bill_Beanie

Is that door on the left even a door? it looks like really large window.

Whoever did this needs to have their decal privileges taken away ASAP.

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16. I am infuriated.

Reddit | CrimsonDelta64

I'd honestly have preferred that they just leave those lights out. This is just... WHY? I'm a Virgo so this is driving me insane. Like "I am actually angry" levels of insane.

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17. What is up with bathroom door gaps?

Reddit | buffalopaladin

Like, it's not just bathroom stalls — this is a hotel bathroom door that slides open. Why not just install a regular door if the sliding one can't fit over the baseboard?

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18. I have nightmares like this.

Reddit | phckingUsername

Do you ever have those dreams where you have to go to the bathroom but every bathroom you find doesn't have a stall door? This feels like that. I'm stressed.

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19. Maybe it's meant to open outward?

Reddit | amazingvogel

I just... Can you imagine trying to open that while inside the shower? You'd fall trying to squeeze around it. I am not a fan of this design or those blue tiles. Those are pool tiles.

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20. There are tears in my eyes.

Reddit | Tobplay

"All the freshmen got these as a gift from the school 'Stand be learn begin together,'" Redditor Tobplay wrote.

A clever commenter pointed out that it's meant to be read as "Stand Together, Be Together, Learn Together, Begin Together."

Yeah, that did not happen in my brain.

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21. Would you like a side of melted plastic with your toast?

Reddit | dancecommander

Mmmmm... Nothing gets me going in the morning like the smell of burning, melting plastic. I guess there's a market for this scent because this toaster will toast your bread and bagels while also filling your kitchen with the unmistakable smell of burnt plastic.

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22. Just... Read it in your head.

Reddit | moodpecker

It's supposed to say, "Pure Poke." I know, I know. It looks like something completely different — Something... disgusting and very unfortunate for a restaurant. Back to the drawing board with this one!

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23. Open every day (some exceptions apply).

Reddit | dan_renegade

Oh, c'mon. Why go to all the trouble of advertising that you're open every day if...you're not? Now I just want to know why they're closed Thursday of all days. Seems suspicious...

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24. Can you read this?

Reddit | maria_xp

If you squint really, really hard, you might be able to make out the embossed features of this card that make up the other half of the letters. I like the idea but the execution just needs a little (or a lot) of work.

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25. Welcome to the future of terrible designs.

Reddit | kikimur

I'm sure you've seen these futuristic ads that show up over multiple screens. The only problem is that you need to be standing at a very specific angle to see them displayed properly. Otherwise, they kind of just look like some poor woman's face collapsed in on itself.

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26. Alright, pick a horse, any horse.

Reddit | Mahistuff

This restaurant came up with the clever idea of using horses to mark their bathroom doors. The only problem? You better know your mares from your stallions. Clear as mud, right?

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27. Their intent was so pure.

Reddit | master-of-the-motley

I, for one, would love to take the Port Isaac Shuttle Service. I'm sure it's a lovely shuttle with an extremely unfortunate acronym. What if they changed it to "Shuttle Service Of Port Isaac"? I expect royalties or credit if they run with this idea.

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28. You shall not pass.

Reddit | itsodarkdownhere

"OH NO. Whatever will we do? There's a strategically placed section of metal fence and absolutely no way around it! Do we have to turn around now?" — Me, annoying my friends that walked around the fence and do not find my jokes funny at all.

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29. Finally, a shower designed to guarantee a concussion.

Reddit | hungryhungryharpy

Listen, I get that design that mimics nature is totally in and very bougie and rich-looking, but my goodness. Money can't buy brains or good design skills. This is just an accident waiting to happen.

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