Woman Turns Her Bedroom Into An Indoor Jungle With Over 100 Plants

Brittany Rae 31 Aug 2020

Are you ready to meet a true legend?

New Zealand's Shanna Smith has interior design taste that definitely leans towards organic. In fact, her bedroom boasts over 100 plants! She calls it her "bedroom jungle" and it is absolutely beautiful.

Meet Shanna.

She's a plant enthusiast from Auckland, New Zealand, and her bedroom is a jungle paradise!

She started the Instagram account, @mybedroomjungle, to share her crazy plants with the world!

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She has a LOT of plants.

110, to be exact. Why so many? As she told Daily Mail Australia, "Having all the plants in my bedroom makes it feel more serene, but also more alive."

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Her reading corner is an especially sacred place to her.

"I love just sitting in the little spaces I've created, whether it's on my bed in the sunshine with the trailing plants, or in my little occasional chair surrounded by all my other plants," she said.

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Like many plant owners, she credits her plants with giving her a purpose.

It really does make a difference to have a reason to get out of bed in the morning, you know?

She says that her plants have totally changed her life.

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They're a great way to keep herself in tune with her own body, too.

"They give me something to care for, and when I have no motivation the routine for caring for them gives me something to do. They also remind me to care for myself as well," she said.

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She started her amazing collection two years ago.

She lives with her parents, who aren't big fans of indoor plants. Every time she bought a plant, she'd naturally bring it into her own room. Over time, the collection grew and grew.

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It took her a while to make her plants work in her room, however.

Plants are harder to style than you'd think!

"It wasn't really until the last half of year or so that I figured out my own style and actually made my bedroom jungle look stylish rather than just a mess of plants."

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Of course, her son's room boats some plants, too.

"One day when I have a house of my own, there will be plants in every room. But until then I just have to be satisfied with my little bedroom," she said.

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Maintaining them isn't as difficult as you'd think!

I definitely thought it would be harder, but she said that they're pretty easy to manage in the winter. Some only require watering every few weeks or so. She mostly just checks for dead fronds and pests!

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She has some helpful tips for future plant owners, too.

Boy, I wish I'd known this tip before I bought a palm tree!

Before buying a new plant, always check for pests.

"Especially when you're buying a new plant. Quarantining a new plant you have bought is always advisable, you don't want to transfer any pests or diseases to the plants you already own."

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And don't start out with hard plants, either.

"Choose easy to care for plants, such as pothos [devil's ivy]. Rare plants are generally finicky and expensive. Definitely wait until you have more experience before spending the big money."

She recommends pothos, sansevieria, and philodendrons for beginner plant owners!

h/t: Daily Mail Australia

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