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16+ Powerful Pics That Took Us On An Emotional Journey

Ryan Ford 18 Oct 2020

There was a time not so long ago when we used to print out pictures of moments that meant a lot to us and keep them stored away in photo albums, to be pulled out and pored over when feeling down or nostalgic, or just when trying to remember what color of tie you wore to your grad.

The point is, the best pictures have an emotional tie. You can feel something coming through from them, whether they're on paper or digital and it makes them worth hanging on to. You know, pics like the ones below.

1. "Meet Dev! Moved country pre covid and finally reunited with him today!"

Reddit | herrooneoone

Three months this good boy spent apart from his owner. Three months! And you can see the joy on his face, as well as in the blur of his tail.

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2. "Whispering that I ripped my pants at our Wedding- 2 years!"

Reddit | DrPoepoat

The look on her face is absolutely priceless. You can almost see the "Are you for real right now?" coming from her eyes. What a moment. Talk about a keeper.

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3. "Meet Lilly after £6500 of lifesaving cancer surgery," the uploader of this pic wrote.


That translates to about $8,500 U.S., for what it's worth. But for a sweetie like this, that's nothing. Easily worth it. What a champ.

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4. "Shoutout to the queens who helped my mom recover from COVID-19."

Reddit | got_1600

Not all healthcare workers and essential workers want to be called heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic, but to the families whose loved ones they help through this incredibly difficult period, they definitely qualify.

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5. Passing the torch.

Reddit | kzofurniture

Rites of passage come in many forms and as much as this guy is smiling now that he's passed along the duty of mowing the lawn to his son, I bet there's something bittersweet going on inside.

His boy is growing up!

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6. "A soldier comforts another infantryman whose friend had been KIA. A corpsman fills out casualty tags in the background."

Reddit | Dhorlin

More often than not, the folks at home only see the after-effects of war, the stoic front soldiers have managed to erect after some time has passed.

Seldom do we see the effects in the moment, as in this pic from the Korean conflict.

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7. This soldier made it through WWII.

Reddit | wwickedd

At 110, Lawrence Brooks is the oldest living American WWII vet. There's something so powerful about seeing him next to his younger self like this. What a survivor.

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8. "My uncle fighting the good fight all by his lonesome in Hardy, AR."

Reddit | NeonSandwich

A one-person protest is never easy. There's strength in numbers, after all. So kudos to this guy for standing up alone for what he believes in.

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9. "My mom has been protesting nearly every day for months in her rural Colorado town. Proud of her!"

Reddit | wowbobwow

Again, you know it's not necessarily a popular protest in your neck of the woods when you have to protest alone. However, that's often how you get others to stand beside you.

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10. Payback, with interest.

Reddit | iklegemma

After someone "accidentally" left tires on a farmer's property, the farmer tracked that person down to return all the tires.

Looks like it was well worth the effort, too. That should get the message across loud and clear.

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11. A good day's work.

Reddit | I_Only_Have_One_Hand

Or, going by the size of those tubs, quite possibly much more than a single day's work.

It's a shame this guy had to pick up after so many inconsiderate strangers and hopefully his message will resonate enough to put him out of his cigarette butt cleaning work.

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12. "This Iranian girl protests the mandatory dress code for women by taking off her hijab."

Reddit | lol62056

In America, those one-person protests tend not to have too many consequences beyond possibly some rude statements. In Iran, protests can have much worse consequences, so here's hoping she stays safe while taking her brave stand.

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13. This soldier is putting his career on the line.

Reddit | horrificmedium

Lance Corporal Al-Babati, a Yemeni-born U.K. soldier, felt strongly enough about his country's arms sales to Saudi Arabia that he staged a one-man protest and ended up arrested by the military police.

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14. "Today my daughter is 5 yrs cancer free! I took this photo to commemorate washing away 5 yrs."

Reddit | Cyclone2000

Five years and she's still so, so young. To think of what she's already been through in her life is sobering. That's a well-earned celebration and here's hoping there are plenty more.

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15. "After 6 months homeless & jobless. I now have a new apartment, car and a job in a call center. And I did it on my own. So proud of myself."

Reddit | itsamejay

And he should be proud of himself! Pulling yourself out of such a perilous situation isn't the sort of thing you hear about every day.

Mind you, it's worth saying that even though this guy did it all on his own, there's nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it.

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16. So much love.

Reddit | zaynthelegend

"He told his daughter: 'Don't tell anyone that your father is a janitor, they will laugh at you,'" the uploader of this pic explained. "[She] posted this photo on social networks and wrote: 'My dad is a janitor. He is my pride. I love you, dad.'"

There are a few times when not respecting your dad's wishes is okay, and this is one of them.

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17. "My mum and I got matching tattoos."

Reddit | buzzyzoe

Now, of course matching tattoos have a bad rap because they're so often involved in breakups.

But here, they're a touching bond between a mother and daughter, as well as a reminder of the man who's no longer there.

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18. "I finally got married to the love of my life. It wasn’t easy but I’m so happy."

Reddit | Varonsita10

You can't argue with that kind of joy. It's an absolute blaze of light at the center of this pic. Those smiles tell a whole story and the ending couldn't be happier.

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19. "I had a bad day and asked Domino’s for a joke. I got the most wholesome note instead."

Reddit | ASongOfChaosAndZen

I know, it's cheesy (literally) and not the most earth-shattering thing to get a nice note from the pizza guys but hey, they didn't have to do it, either.

And it meant enough to the person they delivered it to that they posted it on social media so that's pretty cool.

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20. "Absolute heroes resting after battling to contain a forest fire."

Reddit | super_monero

Countless crews battling countless blazes in America's west could be reclined like these guys after a day pitted against the endless inferno. They're heroes, all of them, and they've earned their rest.

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