12+ Old Objects That Were Restored To Look Shiny And New

Have you ever made something really cool out of something old? I honestly wish I had more time to do that, and I also wish I was more crafty as well.

I'm always amazed at what people can do with their old stuff. Some folks are so creative that they're able to upcycle almost anything. And that's a talent worth celebrating, isn't it?

1. This Lamp

Reddit | navy_snipe

Honestly, if I had an old fan that looked as bad as this one it would just end up on the curb. I'm pretty amazed by what this person ended up doing with it. It looks like a cool new lamp indeed.

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2. These DIY Diffusers

Reddit | -ladykitsune-

Why buy expensive diffusers when you can just recycle your old perfume bottles? Pull off the nozzles of the perfume bottles, then fill them with some essential oils. You can insert diffuser reeds in the neck of the bottle to disperse the scent.

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3. This Reupholstered Chair

Reddit | guyreddit468

No need to throw out that old but comfy chair when you can just give it a new look. This person used a bunch of old jeans to reupholster it and now it looks as cool as this.

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4. This Rug

Reddit | whitegirlmiddlename

This faded and worn rug was in desperate need of a cleaning. Some tough love and a lot of scrubbing restored this piece back to its original bright colors. Now I want this in my own home!

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5. This Quilt

Reddit | upcyclemystuff

What do you do with old clothing you no longer want to wear? Well, you can turn it into an awesome-looking quilt like this one if you have the sewing skills. Or the patience for making it, ha, ha!

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6. This Deck

Reddit | rennybaba

Behold, the amazing abilities of a power washer! I thought this deck had been repainted but, as it turns it, it was just cleaned with a power washer. That's an incredible transformation!

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7. This Dresser

Reddit | HolidayWhobbieWhatty

This person really wanted a new dresser but they couldn't afford to buy the expensive ones they liked. So, they turned to their DIY skills and repurposed this old one instead. This is way more sustainable and budget-friendly too.

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8. This Bag

Reddit | DepDerDi

What do you think this cool bag is made of? Would you believe it if I told you it was made from old window screens? Oh, yes, indeed it is. Somebody made this for their mom's yarn collection. Aww, that's so nice.

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9. This Typewriter Desk

Imgur | mkstratos

It's pretty obvious to me that if you know what you're doing, you can bring almost anything back to its former glory. This person restored this old typewriter desk for their dad and it looks beautiful now.

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10. These Planters

Reddit | ban5h3e

Instead of buying expensive planters, this person finds cute ceramic cups in thrift shops. Then, they drill drainage holes in the bottom and use old saucers as drainage plates. What a neat idea. I should totally do that.

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11. This Cabinet

Reddit | crystaldmb41

What's the best way to make an old cabinet look new again? Just give it a nice shiny coat of white paint and voilà. It looks a lot more chic and stylish if you ask me.

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12. This TV Bar

Reddit | megm577

I gotta admit, I've always loved the look of these old TVs. But the fact that somebody was able to turn it into an amazing vintage bar is beyond me. Doesn't this look so cool? Oh my goodness, I love it.

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13. This Jewelry

Reddit | luckylottojewelry

Can you believe that this person actually upcycles old, used lottery tickets and turns them into beads for jewelry? It's done by cutting the tickets into strips and rolling them really tightly. Then, they get glazed. Wow!

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14. These Boots

Reddit | HowdieHighHowdieHoe

I'm not sure if many people still polish their boots and shoes, but this is a good reminder that we should. A quick polish job on these boots made a huge difference and brought them back to life.

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15. This Mailbox

Reddit | Josifph

A fresh coat of paint and cleaning those numbers made this the spiffiest-looking mailbox I've ever seen. It's actually inspired me to go out and spruce up my own mailbox.

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16. This Oven

Reddit | snwbrdrmidget15

Be honest: When was the last time you really deep-cleaned your oven? I'll tell you the truth — it's been a while for me. After seeing these photos, though, I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and start scrubbing.

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17. This Brass Doorknob

Reddit | kateslates

Who knew this little beauty was ready to sparkle and shine underneath all those layers of dirt? It just goes to show you that antiques can still add glamour to your home if you take care of them properly.

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18. This Roof

Reddit | MichaelRedwork

I'm surprised this roof lasted as long as it did without falling down. This new roof is a huge improvement, to say the least. Let this be a reminder to keep your roof in good condition!

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19. This Flea Market Watch

Reddit | snidersen

Even though this watch was purchased at a flea market, now that it's been restored, I bet the owner could sell it for a nice chunk of change. It looks like a designer piece now!

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20. This Birdbath

Reddit | poly1man2girls

Outdoor decorations are subject to all sorts of harsh weather conditions which can wear on them over time. This person finally decided to restore their birdbath and clean off years of old paint and grime. It's starting to look good!

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21. This Bench

Reddit | Bytemyapple

If you've ever seen a bench that looked past its prime but you still wanted to use it, no worries. There's nothing like a good power wash and a brand new coat of paint to make it look like new.

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22. This Spoon

Reddit | annagg678

The downside of owning genuine silverware is that you do need to polish it regularly to keep it looking beautiful. This photo proves that regular polishing can make a huge difference. If your silverware is currently tarnished, don't worry. A little elbow grease will have it looking like new in no time.

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23. This Watch

Reddit | dinosorority

This Reddit user shared a photo of the amazing work that went into restoring their grandmother's watch that was originally from 1945. Now they can continue to treasure it for years to come.

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24. This Floor

Reddit | brutusmarshmallow

A coat of new varnish can bring an old floor back to life in an instant. Just look at the difference it made here! It's hard to believe this is the same flooring.

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25. This Dress

Reddit | okwhataboutthisone

Do you have a skirt you no longer like? Well, you can do what this crafty lady did and turn it into a cute dress. I like how she also made a matching face mask to go with it.

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26. These Steps

Reddit | tw272727

Once again, a power washer came to the rescue here to restore these brick steps. With some deep cleaning and weeding, these steps look brand new, and for a fraction of the cost of installing new ones.

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27. This Couch

Reddit | JephriB

As you can see, this couch is in the process of being restored. The owner shared a photo of the progress and it's safe to say that this couch is getting a new lease on life. The leather was looking faded and worn before the restoration began.

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28. This Bell

Reddit | ChuckleTime

I can't get over how gorgeous this silver bell looks after some polishing and TLC. It will look absolutely beautiful hanging up on the Christmas tree now!

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29. Oh wow, I wish I had mad DIY skills like these folks have.

Giphy | The Gentlemen

What would I upcycle if I were as talented as them? I can only imagine. I'm truly amazed by all these awesome items that got a new lease on life.

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