Adorable Planter Holds A Tiny Succulent In Baby Yoda's Soup Bowl

Brittany Rae 1 Sep 2020

Stop what you're doing. Stop browsing other sites. Hop off Instagram or Twitter, because the most important thing in the world is RIGHT. HERE.

It's a Baby Yoda succulent planter. You already knew that, you clicked on the article. But guys, this planter is so cute and clever that it deserves the hype!

Unlike the first Baby Yoda planter we featured, this one is a little more realistic — and even meme-worthy.

So, we all remember this scene, right?

Giphy | toyfantv

Baby Yoda (I know he's called The Child, but dammit, he's Baby Yoda) sipping soup/tea immediately became an iconic meme. He's small! He's holding a cup! He's minding his business! It was a meme in the making.

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Well, he's a planter now.

Etsy | Sixth Company

I'm really about to cry over that squishy little face holding a plant, huh?

This sweet sculpture is four inches tall and comes with or without its own tiny little plant.

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He's seriously detailed.

Etsy | Sixth Company

Even his robe is appropriately slouchy! He's made out of resin and hand painted, so each one is unique. For an extra $1, you can have a succulent included in your order.

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You can pick him up on Etsy.

Etsy | Sixth Company

He's available for $38.27 from SixthCompany. And don't worry — the planter has a small hole in the bottom to help with drainage!

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