11+ Clothing Designs That Fit The Description Of A Fashion Disaster

Have you ever seen a clothing design fail that you still remember to this day? OMG, that can definitely be traumatic or extremely funny.

Either way, it's never an easy thing to recover from, especially when you didn't even know it was happening to you. These clothing choices would guarantee that you have all eyes on you and not in a good way — that's for sure.

1. This Muddy Dress

Reddit | RabiesPositive

If you ever wanted to wear a dress that makes you look like you just rolled in mud, then just roll in the mud. There's no sense in spending any money on something that looks as ridiculous as this.

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2. These Shoes

Reddit | BushyEyes

I never actually thought there would be shoes that looked like a camel's toe, but here they are. How can they even be comfortable? I just don't see this trend happening in the real world, so what's the point? I'm speechless.

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3. This World Jumble

Reddit | Phill_j

This top was supposed to say, "Give me one reason I should listen to your negativity when I know I'm awesome." For some reason or another, they had to write it like this so nobody can actually read it.

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4. This Kid's Swimsuit

Reddit | officialkfc

Talk about a total disaster in one kid's swimsuit. It looks more like a vest with explosives than anything child-friendly. And, they clearly can't decide between it being a cow or a sheriff suit either. This is an all-around bad combination.

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5. This Girly Long Sleeve Shirt

Reddit | Emmy_Tabby_Moony

Speaking of children's clothing, what in the heck happened here? Did somebody forget to go to school or to learn any proper grammar? I can't even read it. What is it supposed to say? Anyone?

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6. This Sneaker

Reddit | peebuttnutter666

Why would anyone want to buy these sneakers that look like they had hot glue spilled on them? Is this some kind of a new look that I'm not aware of? If it is then I'm definitely not interested.

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7. This High Fashion


I dunno about you but when I look at these shoes, I'm not sure if I'm coming or going, lol. Or what direction I'm supposed to walk towards. This is confusing the heck out of me and frankly, I don't need this today.

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8. This Shirt

Reddit | aPlateofWater

Whoever designed this shirt really only had one job and that was putting the correct food item to match the text. Can you guess how they did? Well, I'll give you a hint: That's not a picture of a taco.

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9. These 'Shants'

Reddit | blobby_the_fish

Just because we women ask for one design feature (like pockets), that doesn't mean we deserve to get this as a fashion choice. My only question when looking at this is, "But why, tho?" What is this supposed to be: a shirt and pants or "shants", lol?

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10. These Pits

Reddit | hrithikbadass

Um, excuse me? Why on earth would somebody think of putting this in the armpit area was okay? First of all, it looks like dirty sweaty pits, and second of all, it can't be comfortable. This is totally baffling.

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11. This Funny Incident

Reddit | cosmictrousers

This T-shirt is supposed to say "Saturday", you turd. But clearly you can't wear a sweater or a jacket with it or it'll take on another meaning altogether, ha, ha! I wonder how long it took her to notice it.

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12. These Stained Shirts

Reddit | AnxiousUnderling

Ah, the more I look at these shirts the more I get annoyed. If I wanted to buy a shirt that looked like coffee had been spilled on it I would've just done it myself. This is so stupid.

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13. This Tree T-Shirt

Reddit | Hornet3232

Speaking of dirty, at first glance I thought this person spilled something on their shirt. Then I realized there's an actual tree pattern on it. I gotta say, this is one unfortunate design idea, right?

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They say, 'beauty is in the eyes of the beholder' but when it comes to these fashion items the choice is clear.

Giphy | Pop TV

Just stay away from them, ha, ha! Unless you want to look like a fool while wearing them. Am I right?

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