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Child Gets Thousands Of Adoption Offers After Plea: 'I Hope One Of Y'all Pick Me'

Although we never know what story is going to capture the internet's heart, there are certain cases where it's no surprise that enough people were moved by someone's story to spread it everywhere.

Back in August, my colleague Caitlyn Clancey shared a story of an Oklahoma boy who wanted a permanent home more than anything in the world. The more details came out about his plight, the more we felt compelled to imagine how alone he must feel right now.

Fortunately, it seems his story stirred up similar feelings throughout the nation and state officials are apparently now inundated with offers to give him the love and security he needs.

Nine-year-old Jordan was first featured in a broadcast from Oklahoma City's KFOR-TV along with his younger brother, Braison.

YouTube | KFOR Oklahoma's News 4

As the outlet reported, Jordan's situation has since become lonelier as Braison has since been adopted without him.

Although they spent time in separate foster homes, this new arrangement means Jordan sees much less of his brother.

As Christopher Marlowe from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services said, "It was very difficult for Jordan. He misses his brother a lot."

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By this point, Jordan has been in foster care for six years and shared that his biggest dream in the world is to be adopted in a follow-up report.

YouTube | KFOR Oklahoma's News 4

As he said to KFOR, "I would just like to have a family to call Mom and Dad or just Mom or just Dad. I don't really care. The reason it's important is because so I could have some people to talk to anytime I need to."

According to Good Morning America, he later added, "I hope one of y'all pick me."

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Within 12 hours of this story breaking, adoption officials in Oklahoma found themselves with thousands of inquirers hoping to give Jordan a stable home.

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And in a testament to how fast the internet can move, Good Morning America reported that these offers were pouring in from across the nation.

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And the viral attention of this story apparently didn't show any signs of slowing down a week after the report went out.

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As Marlowe told Good Morning America, "The original story went out last week and I was told that typically they'll get 1,200 hits a day on the website and there's been millions."

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In addition to helping Jordan on his journey towards a permanent home, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services is also working to reconnect him with Braison.

YouTube | KFOR Oklahoma's News 4

As Marlowe said, "We recently reached out to that family and we're in the process of rebuilding that relationship. Assuming things continue to go well [...] they are open to taking Jordan, you know, for the day so that they can spend some real time together."

h/t: YouTube | KFOR Oklahoma's News 4, Good Morning America

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