8+ People Who Managed To Find Their Long-Lost Treasures

It's so devastating to lose something you really like. I lost a hat last year and I have no idea where it went. We searched everywhere for it to no avail.

But as it turns out, sometimes an item you thought you had lost forever ends up turning up in the most unexpected of places, and it's so awesome when that happens.

1. This Fun Ride

Reddit | quietzone

This dude left his phone on top of his car but totally forgot about it. Then he gingerly drove home looking for it on the road while pretty much losing all hope. When he got home, he finally found it! Can you spot it?

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2. This Tea Lover

Reddit | Mendrinkbeer

Speaking of lost phones, this tea lover got the surprise of his life when he lost his phone. He had no idea where it might be and then he discovered it just as he left it.

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3. This Rescued Phone

Imgur | whosalec

This guy lost his phone right in the middle of winter. Then, a month later, he found it frozen in his driveway. Not giving up hope, he put it in a bag of rice and it actually started working. Wow!

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4. This Toy Frozen In Time

Reddit | d8ms

When your child is crying because they can't find their favorite toy you may want to check your freezer, because sometimes kids do the darndest things, don't they? This is so cute and well preserved, lol.

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5. This Old Find

Reddit | u/tycarp07

This person's dad found a Japanese rifle he lost as an eight-year-old in 1966 in the wall of a wheat house at his home. Wow, it's been there this whole time all along. That's incredible.

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6. This iPod Touch

Reddit | Max_Xevious

Good news: We found the lost iPod touch! Bad news: It was in the recliner. I bet this Reddit user was pretty miffed when they discovered their lost treasure like this. Next time, search the recliner, lol.

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7. This Book Conundrum

Imgur | supergillis

This family couldn't figure out for the life of them where Volume Six of this book series went. And then, they finally realized that it was there all along. It was just upside down, ha, ha!

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8. This Shoe Surprise

Reddit | Paparaviolilovesme

Two weeks ago this person sadly lost one of their flip-flops while going swimming. Then to their surprise, they ended up finding it while fishing. I'd say that's pretty dang cool. It looks a bit beat up, but, oh well.

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9. This Fisherman's Loot

Reddit | -F1ngo

Speaking of fishing you won't believe this cool story. A fisherman in Austria actually fished out his old wallet that he lost 20 years ago, and found all these goodies in it. That's some amazing coincidence, isn't it?

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10. These Lost Glasses

Reddit | chequesformike

This person's father has been looking for his lost reading glasses for about two years now. Then he went under his car and lo and behold look what he found underneath, ha, ha! That's quite the hiding place.

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11. This Unusual Find

Reddit | Restorethis17

The cook at this person's restaurant lost his glasses a few days ago. Nobody could figure out where they could have gone until they discovered the end to this mystery. Oh my, they don't look salvageable, ha, ha!

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12. These Skates

Reddit | Dspot16

This person's grandpa hung up his skates on a small tree when he was younger. He completely forgot that he left them there. Then, years later, he visited the same tree and found them totally embedded where he left them. Oh my goodness.

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13. This Long-Lost Treasure

Reddit | OkiDokiTokiLoki

This person was looking for their lost wallet for quite some. Randomly, they happened to check their guitar case and that's where it's been hiding all these years. Needless to say, it's been a while. Ha, ha, aww the memories.

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Don't you love these lost and found stories?

Giphy | Mailchimp

I absolutely get a kick out of them. It makes me hope that one day I'll find one of my lost treasures just when I least expect it, hee, hee.

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