9+ Ideas That Take Pinching Pennies To The Next Level

As long as I can remember, I've always been very frugal. Growing up in socialist Poland might have instilled the love of saving money in me, ha, ha!

When you think about it, all the little things you buy every day, like coffee and gum, can really add up. But don't worry — these smart folks will teach you how to save a buck or two.

1. This Frugal Lunch Idea

Reddit | IOUAndSometimesWhy

The best way to save money is by bringing your own lunch to work. If you think it's hard, I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be. This type of lunch will only cost you about 77 cents.

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2. Grow Your Own Vegetables

Reddit | begaterpillar

Did you know there are lots of veggies that you can re-grow at home? Things like leeks and green onions are perfect for it. Just plant them in with your other plants and save money since you no longer have to buy them.

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3. Never Grocery Shop On An Empty Stomach

Giphy | Global TV

This is a tip I heard a long time ago and it's so true. Whenever I have shopped on an empty stomach, I have been more inclined to impulse-buy stuff — especially things like chips and other snacks.

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4. This Repurposed Dog Toy

Reddit | sunshine_soul

Why spend a lot of money on a dog toy that is pretty much going to get destroyed? Instead, you can follow this person's lead and make one out of old jeans. The doggo will never know it's not store-bought.

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5. Save Money On Gas

Giphy | Team Coco

It might be worth mentioning that Costco usually has great prices on gas, so you might want to look into getting a membership for that very reason. Just make sure you don't overspend when you do shop there!

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6. Spruce Up Your Old Furniture

Reddit | sm0gs

If you're tired of the look of your old furniture but don't have money to buy anything new, just spruce up what you have. This girl bought some marble contact paper and gave her bookshelf a new look on the cheap.

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7. This Ink System

Reddit | DentalDriller

Printer cartridges can be so expensive. I know a thing or two about that since I've had many home printers. This person ended up spending just $60 on a feeding system that's pretty much going to save them a ton on refill cartriges. Wow, I need that.

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8. Never Buy Shaving Cream Again


Seriously, there's no need to buy special shaving cream if you get good quality soap — and the soap won't gunk your blades so they will last longer, too. Take that to the bank, ha, ha!

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9. Use Grocery Price Comparison Apps

Unsplash | Paul Hanaoka

Did you know that there are apps you can download to your phone to price compare all the stores you shop at? Most stores honor price matching when you show them the savings on the app, too!

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10. This Cheap Dinner Idea

Reddit | lilsluggerr

If you're hungry and have "nothing to eat," think again. A dinner consisting of a couple of fried eggs and potatoes will not set you back that far money-wise. Most people have at least these two ingredients on hand.

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11. Make Your Granola

Reddit | cwebsterz

Speaking of making your own food, how about this idea? You can make your own healthy granola or granola bars and not buy those overpriced ones in the store. I bet it tastes way better, too.

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12. Reuse Empty Peanut Butter Jars

Reddit | LentilGod

Why spend money on all those fancy jars when you can just reuse your empty peanut butter jars to store stuff? Here, they're being used to store lentils and peas. That's a great idea!

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13. Meal Prep

Reddit | love-is-madness

This lady came up with a cool way to save money. She meal-prepped these breakfast sandwiches for her husband. This is roughly $10 worth of food here. It would cost around $24 at the drive-thru. Budget win!

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14. Pay Yourself First

Giphy | QuickBooks

Have you ever heard of this idea? What it means is that, for every paycheck you get, you take out a portion and put it into your savings. For example, put 5% or 10% away each time you get paid. At the end of the year, it really adds up!

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15. Make Food From Scraps

Reddit | Wifeofwes

When life gives you veggie scraps, make veggie broth! No more buying that expensive broth to make soups. You can just make it for yourself and freeze it for the next time you need it.

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16. Use Coupons


Have you heard of the coupon lady? You must have, right? Well, she does have the right idea you know. I'm not ashamed to admit that I still use store coupons to this day. I like saving money!

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17. Plant Some Flowers In Your Garden

Reddit | arnie-Vic

Gentlemen, here's a frugal tip for you. Plant some flowers in your garden so you'll have plenty to make arrangements for your wife's or mom's birthday. That's not being cheap, that's being smart, ha, ha!

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18. Use Those Warranties

Giphy | Lull

Some companies offer long-term warranties for their products. For example, Ikea gives you a 25-year warranty on their mattresses. So, if anything happens to yours in the meantime, you can get a new one. Isn't that amazing?

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19. Make Your Children's Toys

Reddit | BostonBlackCat

If you're a crafty person, listen up. This person made this kitchenette from cardboard boxes, bottle caps, and old CDs they had scrounged up from the trash at work. Then, they decorated the outside with paper and voilà! The perfect play kitchen!

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20. Stock Up On Potatoes


Let's be honest: Potatoes are pretty cheap, especially when you can buy a bag of them. There are many dishes you can make with them like mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, scalloped potatoes, or you can make a fabulous potato salad, too.

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21. Use Music Sheets Or Maps As Wrapping Paper

Reddit | Beanut_Putterr

That's it, I'm never buying wrapping paper again. I'm going to reuse anything I can find such as cool old magazines, maps, or even music sheets. This is way more frugal, eco-friendly, and it looks retro.

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22. Get A Fancy Rug On The Cheap

Reddit | starstufft

Do you need a new rug but can't fork over the money? No worries! This girl got a bunch of rug samples from stores and then used gorilla tape to tape them all up. So smart!

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See? Saving money has never been so cool, ha, ha!


You don't have to pinch your pennies all the time, but all the little things that you consciously do create savings in your pocket in the long run.

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