12+ Thrift Store Finds That Were True Gems

Who here is a fan of thrift shopping? I have to say I haven't done it in a while. But whenever I see people scoring amazing deals, it makes me want to venture out to the thrift store more often.

Especially when it comes to getting things that look like a million bucks for a fraction of the cost, the thrift store can't be beat. I mean a real fraction, ha, ha!

1. This True Bargain

Reddit | fentyhealth

This lady has been thrifting since she was about 13 but she has never found a good deal such as this one. This Chloé Faye bag that would normally retail for $1450 was only $35. Wow, that's a real steal.

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2. This Turntable

Reddit | tr00th

How would you feel if you found this awesome Marantz Model 6200 turntable at a thrift store? I bet if you too paid only $8 for it, you would be quite thrilled. These things go for a lot more and then some.

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3. This Pretty Piece

Reddit | beaniweenie

How much would you pay for this gorgeous piece? What about $11? I think that's a pretty decent deal. This person is actually hoping to sell it and make a profit on it, and I say, go for it.

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4. This Ice Cream Maker

Reddit | lovekataralove

Oh my goodness, what wouldn't I give for an ice cream maker right about now. Especially if I could find one for just $7.50. Can you scream for ice cream? Ha, ha, I totally would!

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5. This Absolute Score

Reddit | Lamesauceapplesauce

How does free sound to you? It sounds pretty dang good to me. And it does to this person who was able to get this awesome mustard-colored chair absolutely for free. I dunno exactly how it happened, but I wouldn't question it.

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6. This Danier Jacket

Reddit | zorozara

This lady was able to get this cute yellow down jacket from Danier for only $15. Normally a jacket like this would retail for around $300. I could see her going down some ski slopes in this baby.

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7. This Beautiful Dress

Reddit | ohh-word

This pretty lady was in a real pinch to find a dress for an event and she scored big with this one. She was able to snag it at a local charity shop. Isn't that a beauty?

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8. This Thrift Shop Loop

Reddit | 00strslf

This is what happens when you go back to the thrift shop for the first time after the pandemic has started. You find not one but five amazing items for only $19. And these genuine Doc Martens were made in England.

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9. This Absolute Beauty

Reddit | strawberrycat99

Somebody was very fortunate to find this at their local Value Village. It's a collectible 1997 Beauty and the Beast Disney snowglobe. Aww, that's so pretty. I'm totally obsessed with snow globes of any kind.

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10. This Wedding Dress

Reddit | catsleepwontsleep

I never would have thought to go shopping for my wedding dress at a thrift store but sometimes wonderful things can happen. This Sottero & Midgley wedding gown was only $25. Wow, that's absolutely amazing. Isn't it?

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11. This Sweet Tie

Reddit | juliadream88

If your husband is as young at heart as this lady's gent, he might appreciate this sweet Super Mario find. Since it's from 1993, it's basically vintage Nintendo merch. I bet this guy will wear it proudly.

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12. This Stunning Dress

Reddit | mtwentyfive

Some lucky lady was able to find this early 1960s Wilson Folmar dress. And the best part of it is that it has pockets, too. What can a woman say about a gorgeous dress that comes with pockets? Yipee!

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13. This Vintage Record

Reddit | ryuundo

I know this looks like just an old record but you wouldn't believe how special it is. This is by the Artwoods on Decca. Records like these have gone for around $1000-$1500 at Discogs, and this was discovered at an estate sale.

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14. These Rings

Reddit | AnaisInJune

"I found 2 14k gold and 3 sterling silver rings in this $2.00 bag at an estate sale today!" this lucky user said on Reddit. I'm going to guess that those rings are worth a lot more than two dollars. That's like winning the lottery!

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Oh my, can you believe these amazing finds?

Giphy | Much

Looking at these makes me want to check out all my local thrift stores, especially now that not many people are still venturing out to shop. Who knows what kind of gems you can find?

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