People Are Turning Live Plants Into Stunning Jewelry Pieces

Brittany Rae 4 Sep 2020

Before you get upset on behalf of the succulents (which is fair), never fear: they’re totally fine. Not only are the succulents very much alive and healthy while they’re jewelry, they’re re-plantable!

From bracelets, to necklaces, to flower crowns, succulent jewelry is a fun and sustainable way to integrate greenery into your style!

Okay, so let’s get down to business.

Etsy | SucculentsforHire

Because this necklace? It is everything. This is by Etsy seller SucculentsforHire, who lays the succulents on flats of felt and attaches gold or silver necklace chains to finish it off! Get your own for $61.

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How about a gorgeous succulent bracelet?

Etsy | MagpieFloralBoutique

Made with a brass bracelet that is adjustable, this succulent bracelet will last several months before the succulents decide to start growing roots! Then, you can plant it. Love that for you.

Get it from MagpieFloralBoutique on Etsy for $30.

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Flower crowns, but make them living.

Etsy | SucculentsforHire

Festival goers and brides have something incredibly specific in common: they absolutely love them some flower crowns. This flower crown is also by Etsy user SucculentsforHire! You can get one half filled for $67 or fully filled for $92.

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You know what, let's do some earrings, too.

Etsy | EasyGrowinDesigns

So, this can actually stay jewelry forever. Air plants don't require planting, just some sun and some occasional watering. how cool is that? Get a pair from EasyGrowinDesigns on Etsy for $24.99.

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