9+ Weirdly Satisfying Pics Where Things Blended Into The Background

Have you ever snapped a photograph and then noticed that something perfectly blended into the background? For example, a cat that matches your floor or a shirt that looks just like a shower curtain's design?

That's just one of life's little miracles that sometimes happens when you least expect it. These pictures show you that it's magical when it does happen.

1. These Dogs

Reddit | clam-clan

That time when your dogs unintentionally matched the hotel comforter. Oh my goodness, isn't that so funny? At first, I didn't even see the black and white pooch. My eyes focused on the white dog right away.

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2. Those Nails

Reddit | nae-7

When you get a manicure and realize that your nails now match your car perfectly. Oh, I really like that color both on the nails and the car. This reminds me, I gotta get my nails done soon.

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3. These Leggings

Reddit | rayenicely

Can you imagine showing up to your gym only to realize you can now camouflage yourself onto the gym's floor? This is exactly what this person found out. The pattern of her leggings is exactly like this floor.

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4. This Phone

Reddit | iamnotchris

Getting a phone case that matches your desk seamlessly may or may not be the best idea. I bet this person is always wondering where they left it even though it was right there all along, ha, ha! Made you look.

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5. These Tic Tacs

Reddit | TR-BetaFlash

First of all, I've never seen Tic Tacs that have a color like this one before. Second of all, isn't this so cool? I wonder if there are any other ones that match Post-it notes, too. I'm off to look for some, hee, hee.

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6. This Truck

Reddit | auntmilky

So you're driving along the highway, minding your own business, when you see this. How cool is it that this truck's paint is exactly the same shade as the sky? I would be pretty happy to see this.

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7. This Vitamin Pill

Reddit | CapnFancyPants

I don't envy the person who needs to take these pills in, but on the bright side, it seems that their counter matches the pill exactly. Good luck finding it if you ever lose it on this counter, ha, ha!

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8. This Building

Reddit | Royrane

Wow, this is such a cool building. And what makes it even more special on this day is that its top actually matches the sky so beautifully. Wow, this scene is just the picture of pure perfection. Isn't it?

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9. This Shower Curtain

Reddit | mattjh

I gotta say, that is a very interesting shower curtain. I've never seen a pattern like this one before. And then to find a shirt that matches it perfectly? That's one crazy coincidence. Am I right?

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10. This Doggo

Reddit | sidshembekar

Apparently this person's dog thinks he's a blanket. And rightfully so because he looks just as fluffy and cuddly as one, no? Aww, he is so adorable. I think I would just carry him with me everywhere. He's irresistible.

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11. This Shirt

Reddit | tforpatato

Talk about blending into your environment. I bet if this guy took off nobody would even notice. I dunno if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I guess you'd have to ask him about it.

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12. This Cat

Reddit | discovid19

If you can see a cat in this picture rest assured your eyesight is very good. If you can't see it I feel bad for you, ha, ha! Watch out that you don't step on this little guy, though.

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13. This Perfect Camouflage Job

Reddit | dread3ddie

There's a good reason people wear camouflage when they go into the woods. I think this guy got the memo and then went shopping for the perfect gear. It seems that Mother Nature got the memo, too.

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Oh my goodness, I hope these pictures have brightened your day as they did mine.

Giphy | CBC

I love these little coincidences that seem to happen to people. And it's even better when they can be documented and shared for all of us to see.

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