8+ Ways People Transformed The Nooks And Crannies Of Their Homes

I know a thing or two about being able to utilize every nook and cranny in my house. It's probably because I've always lived in a limited space that I know how to organize so well.

Having said that, I love it when I stumble upon other genius ways folks have transformed their small spaces. Whether it's the area under the stairs or the attic, I want to see it all.

1. This Cute Little House

Reddit | sbc_sldgr

Oh my goodness, how absolutely adorable is this? Somebody transformed the area under their stairs in the most imaginative way. It looks so cute from the outside, and once you go inside, there's even a little loft. This is so brilliant.

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2. This Attic Closet

Reddit | onguid

I gotta say, I've never been a huge attic fan. But, looking at this DIY closet is making me reconsider my opinion of attics. Can you imagine what kind of goodies you could store here? Carrie Bradshaw would be so jealous.

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3. This Storeroom


People who have some extra space under their stairs are extremely lucky — at least that's what I think. This person installed these cool sliding drawers in this unique space, and I think that's such a great idea indeed.

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4. This Workshop

Reddit | rich_d_berry

There's got to be a better way to utilize that extra attic space, am I right? Well, the good news is that there absolutely is. As you can see, this person made an awesome workshop in their attic. I think this looks fabulous.

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5. This Garage Space

If this isn't a dream garage space, I dunno what is. When I think of a garage, it's usually a dark area that I don't want to enter, ha, ha! This is the exact opposite of that and I like it.

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6. This Drawer Closet

Here's another clever idea to utilize the space under your stairs. You can store so many things in there like extra wine bottles and other knickknacks. I can only imagine what I could put away in there.

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7. This Shoe Storage

Reddit | Tic-Tor

Right now I have such a big problem with my shoe storage. Basically there's no room for all of our shoes. I would honestly kill to have an area under the stairs like this one to hide them all away.

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8. This Walk-In Closet

Imgur | Millertime1419

I know what it's like to not have enough closet space. Believe me, I know, ha, ha! Currently, I'm sharing my closet with my fiancé, so if I had an attic walk-in closet I would be absolutely thrilled.

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9. This DIY Storage

Imgur | edsave

If you're like this family and you're into DIY projects, you might want to take some notes. They were able to transform this under the stairs area into an awesome storage space. Can they come to do this for me one day?

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10. This Incredible Space

You would think that there wouldn't be much you could do with a small space like this one. But, then again, look at the amount of storage space it has. I'm totally blown away by this design.

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11. This Wine Cooler

Reddit | Easee99

If you're a true wine aficionado, I bet you'll really enjoy this piece. Somebody was so clever to build a wine cooler right under their stairs. Isn't that so amazing? I love that you can see the wine, too.

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12. This Cabinetry

Just look at that custom cabinetry magic. Don't you just love it? I absolutely do. I would totally dig it if somebody was able to design something like this for me — and if it didn't cost an arm and a leg, ha, ha!

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13. This Home Office Space

Now that many of us are working from home, it can be hard to find that extra space for a home office. Here is an awesome idea to utilize that area under your stairs. I really love this.

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I'm getting so many awesome ideas from these projects.


My head is literally spinning. I can't wait until we have a house of our own so I can implement a few of these. We better have an area under the stairs too, ha, ha!

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