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8+ Design Choices That Made No Sense

Brittany Rae 8 Sep 2020

Have you ever come across a design choice that completely baffled you? Like, to the point where you rack your brain wondering how no one was able to see the obvious issues with it before it was approved?

Well, if you get a hidden satisfaction from critiquing designs that make zero sense, we have the ultimate collection right here for you. Just try to not throw your computer out the window while looking at these, okay?

1. DON'T drive safely.

Reddit | chica420

Apparently, this won a design competition. Which is great! I love it when people win things! Unfortunately, I think this may have not been thought all the way through. Points for cleverness, though!

Guys, I'm trying so hard to be nice right now.

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2. I regret to inform you that this is, in fact, real.

Reddit | box_cardinal_peanut

This is an ad for graduation photography, and unfortunately it is very real — hence the blurred out company name. This is why you hire professional graphic designers, people.

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3. I failed math once, and even I know this is wrong.

Reddit | Coldbrewed_Affection

This is for a security camera, and I gotta say... I would not be buying that security camera based on this clownery alone. How are you going to mess your packaging up that badly?

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4. Been there.

Reddit | AdmHornblower

"Just watched a guy go into the wrong bathroom at Toronto Pearson Airport. He was looking at the top sign."

Having spent quite a lot fo time in the Toronto Airport, I can confirm it's just... like that.

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5. Just your average family tree.

Reddit | SomeRandomPb

You know, because a mom and dad marry each other, and then their kids marry each other, and then they produce a dog. That's how that works, right? Right.

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6. There's really a limit to aesthetics, people.

Reddit | pcjcusaa1636

That's a nice security gate! It would be a shame if someone mistook it for a ladder and just straight-up climbed it.

I honestly hope this is for a dog or something, because otherwise? This is the worst security I've ever seen.

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7. "No Everything Im Is Possible."

Reddit | Bitemarkz

I am once again begging designers to get outside opinions from non-designers before they put something out into the world. Otherwise, you're going to wind up with "No Everything Im Is Possible." Clear as mud, right?

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8. This pool float was a CHOICE.


Listen, I'm all for de-stigmatizing women's needs, but I don't know if I want a floating pad for my pool. It's the blue marble design that really takes it over the top, tbh.

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9. Maybe these letters shouldn't be jumbled up.

Reddit | CursivePallet

It's supposed to say "dope," but it just... you know, it doesn't. Look at the middle of his chest, under the clear "dope" and then tell me this shirt wasn't a total mistake.

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10. I can't believe someone would buy this tile.

Reddit | edvind

So, someone walked into a tile place, looked at all of the available tiles, and said to themselves, "Aw, you know what my bathroom needs? An accent tile that looks like actual poop." There had to be better options than this!

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11. Oh, wow.

I think the thing that broke me a little was the phrase "finger-licking" underneath. Not "finger-lickin'" — finger-licking. Anu, why did you do this?

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12. Wow, I love art!

Reddit | Germantoast33

Buses are tricky to design for, I get it. But you'd think you'd know not to place a face anywhere on the top half of a bus, right? I'm sure it looks fine when the windows are closed, right? RIGHT?!

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13. Y'all, I am crying with laughter.

Reddit | realgrandpa

Whoever designed this knew exactly what they were doing, I promise you that. These things do not happen by accident. I'm almost impressed.

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14. Last minute entry: This tweet I just found.

I know it says "Don't Stop Believin'" but my brain 100% read "for a Don't smile Stop some were they born can to sing Believin' the night blues."

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